Principal Investigator

kimberly o'brien

Kimberly O. O'Brien, PhD
Professor, Cornell University, Division of Nutritional Sciences
Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Rochester School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Rochester, NY

Graduate Students


Cora Best
Degrees: BA, Anthropology & English; MHS, International Health
Year Entered: 2014
Cora worked for several years before coming to Cornell, first in international development and humanitarian assistance with the UN World Food Programme and then in clinical research and weight management at Children's Mercy Hospital.  Cora is interested in biomedical research, almost everything related to human nutrition, and good solutions for optimizing public health and nutrition status.

Undergraduate Students


Grace Lin
Class of 2016, Biological Sciences | AS
Ever since working with a wonderful obstetrician/gynecologist in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia, Grace has gained an interest in maternal-fetal nutrition and its impact on fetal development and outcomes.  She has loved each of the nutrition classes she has taken at Cornell so far.  She is currently working on the Vitamin D study.  After her undergraduate education, Grace hopes to continue her studies and conduct research in minority health and health disparities.  In her free time, she enjoys painting, gardening, volunteering with people of all ages and backgrounds, spending time with friends and family, an running around with her dogs.


Ann Lei
Class of 2016 | College of Human Ecology | Nutritional Sciences
Ann is a Los Angeles native with interests in global health, nutrition, and healthcare.  Her future aspirations include ameliorating malnutrition and diet-related health complications.  Outside of academics and research, Ann enjoys graphic designing and appreciating sunshine whenever it is above freezing temperatures.


Fredrick Blaisdell
Class of 2016 | College of Arts and Sciences
Shekóli! Fred ni yúkyats. On^yote?aká ni? (Hello! My name is Fred and I'm from the Oneida Nation of the Thames). I'm currently a sophomore in the College Arts and Sciences studying biological sciences with a minor in American Indian Studies. Outside the lab, I'm actively involved with the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, Native American Students at Cornell, the Biology Scholars program, Cornell Drumline, and most recently, the McNair Scholars Program.  After Cornell, I hope to continue on in education and eventually return back to Oneida to help with community health projects.