We are interested in transfer candidates who are prepared to thrive in the context of Cornell University and who are compelled by the work done in the College of Human Ecology. The College of Human Ecology Admissions Staff practices selective admissions. We comprehensively consider the applications we receive to understand what makes you an individual and what you would bring to the college and university communities. There is no formula used in the selection process. 

Coursework and GPA Factors

Competitive transfer candidates have earned a GPA of 3.5 or higher (with As and Bs) in a curriculum parallel to that of current Human Ecology students. Courses in English composition, math, natural sciences, and the social sciences, along with foundation courses for the intended major are particularly important and must be completed or in progress at the time of application. Carefully review our complete list of required preparatory courses. Completing the work allows the Admissions Committee to understand the rigor for which a student is prepared and positions incoming transfers to graduate on time. 

The Human Ecology Match: The Cornell Supplemental Essay

The Admissions Committee closely considers whether an applicant clearly articulates a compelling interest in the College and major of interest through the application essay. Being sure to answer the Human Ecology question and presenting strong writing skills are critical.  

A Demonstrated Connection: Extracurricular Involvement 

College of Human Ecology students are actively engaged in their school and greater communities and have an outwardly focused perspective. The service, work, and related experiences in which transfer applicants have participated can help demonstrate a connection to the College's mission and major of interest, as well as test their career goals. Be thoughtful about how you present your extracurricular activities. 

DEA and FD&M Applicants: Required Design Supplement

Those interested in Design and Environmental analysis, Fashion Design, and Fashion Design Management are required to submit a design supplement. We strongly recommend that you update your work if you submitted a design supplement as part of a previous application to those majors.


Refer to our complete transfer application tips for more information and visit Cornell Admissions to learn about the application process and deadlines.