Our undergraduate academic majors are firmly grounded in the social, natural and physical sciences, and design to create dynamic, interdisciplinary fields of study. This allows our students to explore their interests in a broader context and to understand and analyze issues from multiple perspectives.

Pre-professional preparation

While our majors are focused on pre-professional study, there is no prescribed way to prepare for careers in business, health/medicine, or law, or just one way to be creative in the college or at Cornell University. Any major allows students to take prerequisite courses for professional and graduate school.

All of our undergraduate majors are Bachelors of Science programs.

Design + Environmental Analysis

Create innovative, healthy, and sustainable futures through design

Fashion Design & Management

The creation, aesthetics, function, and business of fashion

Fiber Science

Develop and control fibrous materials to better human lives

Global & Public Health

Population-level solutions to health issues

Human Biology, Health, & Society

Human biology in the context of life

Human Development

A layered understanding of human growth and development

Nutritional Sciences

The relationship between food, nutrition, and health

The Brooks School of Public Policy

The College of Human Ecology and the Brooks School of Public Policy share access to their respective courses to meet academic requirements. Each offers students variety and greater perspective to complement their chosen majors. The Health Care Policy and Public Policy majors are offered through the Brooks School.