LINK was published two times each year by the New York State College of Human Ecology of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York,  for alumni and friends of the college. The below magazine archive provides an insider's perspective of the college, student, faculty, and alumni activities,  and keeps readers connected to the Human Ecology family both on campus and across the globe.

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Spring 2014: Star Power
Special Feature: A burst of new faculty hires projects a bright future for the college. In neuroscience, health and nutrition, public policy, design, fiber science, and other key areas, the college has hired 33 new professors since Alan Mathios became dean in 2007. Read how these talented scholars are pushing their fields forward and leading students to success.
Alumni Profiles: Mike Barone '89, Abigail Brueggeman '96, Terry Horner '92, PhD '98, and Tanni Wu '06.

Fall 2013: Summer Research
Special Feature: Summer break is hardly a vacation for Human Ecology undergraduates. As part of the college's research immersion program, 15 students worked full-time alongside faculty members probing questions related to human health, nutrition, public policy, sustainability, fiber science, aging, and child development. The deep dive into research was uninterrupted by classes, exams, or jobs, and life-changing for most.
Alumni Profiles: Lauren Braun '11, Bobbie Gottlieb '51, Lucy Jarvis '38, Neal Gottlieb '99.

Spring 2013: Visionary
Special Feature: Look inside the college’s largest and fastest-growing undergraduate major, Human Biology, Health, and Society, where students learn that modern medicine requires a broad understanding of biology, culture, society, policy, economics, and other factors.
Alumni Profiles: Eliot Kang '85, Verneda White '05, Donna Bacchi '76, Jessica Hippolyte '08.

Fall 2012: Fashion Forward
Special Feature: Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design students, faculty, and alumni advance their fields by weaving science, art, and international perspectives into bold creations. Students gain real-world experience by staging an annual runway show featuring original student creations, through visits to India to see the global fashion industry in action, and by working in labs directly with faculty members.
Alumni Profiles: Indu Subaiya ’95, Narayan Sundararajan ’96, ’99, Malia Mills ’90, and Debra Wein ’90.

Spring 2012: Research with Impact
Special Feature: In the labs of top scientists, Human Development students run experiments to understand how people develop from birth to midlife to old age. Most HD students are engaged in research, with many opting to pursue independent projects under the guidance of a faculty member—ideal training for a wide range of careers in medicine, law, psychology, and related social sciences.
Alumni Profiles: Bruce Stuart ’86, Allison Fishman ’94, Hayley Paige Gutman ’07, and Gabrielle Tayac ’89.

Fall 2011: A Hunger for Knowledge
Special Feature: In labs, classes, and internships, students in the Division of Nutritional Sciences are gaining fresh insights into human health and well-being. They graduate the College of Human Ecology ready for a wide range of careers in medicine, nutrition, dietetics, food science, public health, and other areas.
Alumni Profiles: Silvestre Arcos ’00, Kevin Charlotten ’94, Ed Pettitt ’05, and Ronni Chernoff ’67.

Spring 2011: Doing Good by Design
Special Feature: On campus and abroad, in the community and in the classroom, Design and Environmental Analysis students, faculty, and staff are using design to take apart our world and conceive new spaces, systems, and products that sustain and improve the health of our societies.
Alumni Profiles: Alicia Hughes ’95, Ethan Rand ’05, Elyse Kroll, and Evan Goldman ’96.

Fall 2010: A Winning Policy
Special Feature: Policy Analysis and Management graduates—taught a unique blend of practical and theoretical knowledge—are ready to tackle society’s largest challenges with their grasp on major policy issues from health care reform to financial market regulation, from immigration to energy policy, and from education to consumer protection.
Alumni Profiles: Constanza Ontaneda ’09, Rob ’99 and Caroline Dicks ’99, Elena Bondareva ’04, ’05, and Jarrett Goldman ’08.

Spring 2010: Urban Semester: The Experience of a Lifetime
Special Feature: Urban Semester students live, learn, serve, and thrive in New York City's multicultural neighborhoods. The immersive experience offers them practical tools and life-changing perspectives to make an impact on the broader world.
Alumni Profiles: Mary Margaret Hansen ’63, Leon Smart ’82, Natasha Mitchell ’93, and Pat Musick Carr ’72, ’74.

Fall 2009: Changing of the Guard
Special Feature: Gerontology expert Karl Pillemer discusses his new role as the associate dean for extension and outreach in the College of Human Ecology, including his plans to integrate translational research into the college’s teaching, research, and outreach missions.
Alumni Profiles: Joy Boatwright ’92, Jared Genser ’95, Eleanor Petigrow ’87, and Jan Stensland ‘98.

Spring 2009: Celebrating the Sloan Program’s 50th Anniversary
Special Feature: Sloan Program in Health Administration leaders mark half a century of training health care administrators. The program—the first of its kind in the nation—is rooted in a rigorous curriculum of management fundamentals and health care logistics and hands-on learning alongside industry professionals.
Alumni Profiles: Mark Bertolini, Sloan ’84, and Kyllan Cody, Sloan ’04.

Fall 2008: Meet the New Dean
Special Feature: Alan Mathios, newly appointed as the Rebecca Q. and James C. Morgan Dean of the College of Human Ecology, shares his personal and professional story and outlines his vision for the college’s future.
Alumni Profiles: Jennifer McNealey, Sloan ’97, Ellie Krieger ’88, Bob Schultz ’77, and Rich Strassberg ’85.

Spring 2008: Giving Back with Solar Energy
Special Feature: Entrepreneur Rob Erlichman ’87 describes his plans for Sunlight Electric, his new venture that is helping California businesses to harness the sun’s energy to fuel their operations.
Alumni Profiles: Bob Crane, Sloan ’71, Lila Engberg ’71, and Tiffany Todo ’06, Susan Dauber ’06, Juliana Eisner ’05, and Jessy Curro ’05.

Fall 2007: A Personal Path to Public Service
Special Feature: Tsehaynesh Abebe ’99, a political staffer for then-Senator Barack Obama, opens up about her journey from her childhood in Iowa to her studies at Cornell to working on Obama’s presidential campaign.
Alumni Profiles: John Mennell ’82.

Spring 2007: Coaching for Life
Special Feature: Cornell women’s lacrosse coach Jenny Graap ’86 talks about applying her apparel design and textile management degree to athletics and her approach to molding competitive athletes and future leaders.
Alumni Profiles: Dick Argys ’80.