The diversity and inclusion committee serves as an advisory body to the Dean of the College of Human Ecology and will guide and hold the College accountable for the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion into all aspects of the work in the College. Because diversity and inclusion are dynamic terms, it is important that persons and perspectives from an array of backgrounds, cultures, identities, and experiences are incorporated and that the resulting actions seek to provide a just and equitable environment for all.

The committee is tasked with intentionally identifying places of problem and opportunity in this space, generating transformative solutions, and providing a series of goals to create an inclusive, equitable, uplifting, and supportive environment where students and employees model and experience behavior that enriches our community.

Initial actions:

  • Raising presence of Diversity Equity and Inclusion work within the College of Human Ecology
  • Advancing our Belonging@Cornell initiatives

Work by the PJEC supports and advances priorities for the College, including our focus on creating a flourishing Human Ecology community. See more about the College of Human Ecology priority initiatives by visiting our Vision 2030 website.