CIWS conducts research and disseminates information on various topics relevant to women's experiences in scientific careers. CIWS's program of work includes:

  • Basic experimental research (e.g., studies of authorship credit as a function of gender in collaborative research settings, influences of gender identity/stereotype threat on women's career trajectories, characteristics of mentorship as a function of mentor and mentee gender).
  • Applied research (e.g., national canvasses of higher-education policymakers and administrators on key gender-related issues in science, creation and dissemination of training materials for recruitment and interviewing in the sciences).
  • Demographic/lifecourse synthetic studies (e.g., women's experiences as scientists, and how they differ from men's; overarching literature reviews of critical inputs into the development of girls versus boys that contribute to differential outcomes of women versus men scientists).

Currently, CIWS is supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health, and is headquartered in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University.

Read more about CIWS co-directors here:

Wendy M. Williams, Professor
Stephen J. Ceci, H.L. Carr Professor


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