About Martha Van Rensselaer Hall

Martha Van Rensselaer (MVR) Hall is home to programs and scholars who work to understand and impact the multilayered influences on human health and well-being. Built in 1933 and fully renovated in 2020, the physical spaces have been thoughtfully designed to honor the history of the College while advancing contemporary research, teaching, and public engagement. From labs and galleries to collaboration spaces, smart classrooms, and a cutting-edge MRI facility, the spaces enable us to address the most strenuous problems of the 21st century.

Tour MVR Hall

Use the highlighted points below to explore MVR Hall. These are just a few spots of interest throughout the building and grounds, but there are many others to see along the way. Take a selfie at PolyForm, stop for a snack in Martha's Cafe, and enjoy!

overhead map of MVR Hall with numbered points

1 Checkerboard Square, 2 A Window to the Past exhibit, 3 MVR Gallery, 4 1101 MVR DEA Design Space, 5 Dr. Flemmie Kittrell short film, 6 PolyForm, 7 Circular Stair Tower, 8 Martha's Cafe, 9 The Commons, 10 Jill Stuart Gallery 

3. MVR Gallery

MVR 1250
The MVR Gallery features exhibits by students  and faculty, as well as guest artists. On exhibit — Class of 2022:  This is Us!  Work by recent graduates.

8. Martha’s Café

Martha’s Café offers fresh breakfast, lunch, and snacks created with health and sustainability in mind.

10. Jill Stuart Gallery

Human Ecology Building (HEB) - Terrace Level
The Jill Stuart Gallery showcases current and archival work from students and faculty in fashion design. On exhibit — The History of the Custom Half Scale Dress Form