As you consider the College of Human Ecology, we hope the following will help you reflect on your interests, the educational environment that appeals to you, and who you are as a person and a scholar. 

Internally motivated. Outwardly focused.

We talk about our College of Human Ecology students as human ecologists – pre-professional scholars who integrate multiple academic fields and apply strategic thinking to impact the human experience through systemic change.

You might already be living like a human ecologist if you...

  • are internally motivated and outwardly focused as you connect your interests, education, experiences, and aspirations to the greater context of communities;
  • consider the environments in which we live, build community, learn, heal, play, and work with broad perspective, purpose, and heart;
  • value creative problem-solving through varied disciplines;
  • are energized by a world that is multicultural, complex, and dynamic; and
  • want to use your education to impact people's lives.

Connecting the complex variables of life.

The College of Human Ecology views society through a wide-angle lens to address contemporary societal issues and empowers students to expand their scope and connect the complex variables of life. 

Students who are interested in varied and, perhaps, seemingly contrasting academic areas find that our programs allow them to combine those areas throughout the education, without needing to choose between them.

We hope you see the possibilities of a Human Ecology experience and continue to get to know us. Here are some additional resources to help. 

*Download the College of Human Ecology Viewbook version that is Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. PDF is 45MB in size.