Vision 2030 positions the College of Human Ecology for growth by articulating a focus on human health and well-being across our academic units and by laying out three scholarly areas of excellence where the College offers uniquely valuable contributions. This vision also identifies an ambitious and achievable set of initiatives and goals to guide our decisions and investments as we seek to bring the vision to reality.

Anchored by our focus on human health and well-being, we have identified five strategic priorities to guide actions and investments in the near term that allow us to realize our unique impact.

Highlighted below are early actions and investments that advance our priorities (updated 3-2-22).

Priorities and Actions

Recognized Leadership in Scholarly Areas of Excellence

  • Launch the Center for Integrative Developmental Sciences: Fall 2021
  • Launch the Department of Human Centered Design: Fall 2021

Transformative Human Ecology Education

  • Launch a college-wide class in health equity: Spring 2022
  • Launch a college-wide class in sustainability: Spring 2022

The Publicly Engaged College of the Future

  • Execute the Engaged College Initiative: Spring 2021 - Spring 2024
  • Host a community-engaged learning forum: Fall 2021

A Flourishing Human Ecology Community

  • Complete the Pathways to Social Justice faculty cohort hire: Spring 2021
  • Host the inclusive and interactive "Americans who Tell the Truth" exhibit: Fall 2021

A Unified Human Ecology Network in New York City

  • Form a collaborative team of faculty and administrative leaders to launch the CHE NYC network: Fall 2021
  • Launch the Action Research Collaborative (ARC): Spring 2022

Initiative Spotlights