The administration of the New York State College of Human Ecology is headed by the college’s academic leaders and includes the directors and staff of the college’s student services and support services units. Whether employed in academic support, student services, computing, human resources, finance or facilities, each member of the college administration is dedicated to supporting the college’s teaching, research and outreach mission.

Leadership Directory

Name Title Room Phone Email

Rachel Dunifon

The Rebecca Q. and James C. Morgan Dean

1300 MVR Hall, East


Nancy Wells

Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education

1300F MVR Hall, East /  2428 MVR Hall


Marianella Casasola

Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

1300B MVR Hall, East 


Tashara M. Leak Associate Dean of Cornell Human Ecology in New York City 3211 MVR Hall 607-255-5967
Anthony Burrow Associate Dean for Outreach and Extension G211 MVR Hall 607-254-1247

Craig Higgins

College Business Officer

1301B MVR Hall, East


Christopher Jacobsen Assistant Dean for Alumni Affairs and Development 1303B MVR Hall, East 607-255-1850

Robin Roger

Assistant Dean for Communications

1301B MVR Hall, East


Marcia Easley

Assistant Dean for Human Resources

G411A MVR Hall


Eve De Rosa Associate Dean for Racial and Social Justice 173 HEB 607-255-7392


Department Chairs and Directors

Name Title Department Room Phone Email
Yasser Gowayed Department Chair Human Centered Design T57 HEB 607-255-3151
Sander Kersten Division Director Division of Nutritional Sciences 127 Savage Hall 607-255-8001

Felix Thoemmes

Department Chair


242 Uris Hall



Administrative Directors

Name Title Department Room Phone Email
Darryl Scott Director Admissions and Student & Career Development 170 MVR Hall  607-255-5471

Michelle Lyon


Budget and Finance

1301C MVR Hall, East


Jennifer Austin Director Business Services Center Bruckner Lab, Room 115 607-254-7209

Eric Nichols



T411 MVR Hall, East


Randi Rainbow Director Information Technology MVR Hall 607-255-8979
Eileen Keating Director Records Management and Archives T411A MVR Hall 607-255-4798 or 607-255-3530
Tracey Thompson Registrar   1204C MVR Hall 607-255-2235
Kerri Lee Alexander Director Social Impact and Justice 1220H MVR Hall

Kristie Mahoney

Senior Director

Strategic Initiatives and Academic Integration

1301 E MVR Hall