We recognize this as an area that is critical to mission delivery and has the potential to greatly impact the student and faculty experience.

Below are the actions we take to create an excellent experience.

  • Clear and visible documentation of classroom capacities, furniture, layouts, AV, computing equipment, and other amenities.
  • Pre-semester in-depth testing of all equipment, software, furniture, environmental controls, lighting, and other support functions of the room.
  • Pre-semester communication with faculty to adjust for changing enrollments, course requirements, equipment, and other amenities of the room, and or faculty preferences for location.
  • First week of classes daily maintenance checks and then semi-weekly maintenance checks of rooms to test all equipment, furniture, lighting etc. and correct any deficiencies before the next class is held.
  • Clear signage indicating commitment to classroom support, and a number to call for immediate assistance.
  • A periodic survey of instructors asking for feedback on classroom maintenance and support with immediate personal follow up.
  • Clear and visible communication of end of semester use of classrooms for finals, projects, and confirmation from the faculty as to the last day of classroom use.
  • End of semester team debriefing and personal follow up on any remaining issues.


Reviews of space should be performed with the following goals in mind:

  • Ensuring the proper functioning order of all services provided in the space
  • Creating a neat and orderly space with intuitively or predictably located services
  • Maintaining an environment of serviceable equipment and furnishing in a state that is both clean and in good repair





Walls (paint, tackboard, whiteboards, chalkboards)

Ceiling Tiles

Lighting & Controls

Shades/Blinds & Controls






Instructor desk/podium

Storage Areas/Cabinets


Mobile Writing Surfaces

Trash, Recycling, Composting Receptacles


In-room PCs/Monitors & Accessories

Teaching and Learning Devices

Technology Controls Systems

Individual and Shared Displays

Audio/Visual Support Equipment

Accessibility Technology

Wired and Wireless Technologies

Access Controls

Telephone, Microphones and Sound Reinforcement

Printers, Plotters and Scanners



Types of Reviews: 

  • Detailed/comprehensive – Review all systems and items identified in the space based upon room attributes, updating the list with additional systems or items added since the last review.  Correct or develop and execute repair plans for anything non-functional and re-review space when complete.
  • Cursory – Review space for consumables (chalk, markers, paper) and existence of equipment.  Perform a general review for errors in technology, functionality of system and status of service needs that will be due prior to the next detailed check cycle.


Review Type





May – week after finals, October – during Fall break, December – just after finals, March – during Spring break



Aug-Dec & Feb-May