The Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology is a cross-university department - housed in both Cornell Human Ecology (CHE) and The College of Arts & Sciences (A&S). The human development major is available through CHE only; the psychology major is available through A&S only. The main Psychology Department webpages are found on the A&S website.

The Psychology Department focuses on the investigation of behavior and its cognitive, neural and hormonal underpinnings in the full range of environmental situations. Its strengths lie in four broadly defined areas of development, cognition, neuroscience, and social and personality psychology. 


Currently, two majors and minors are offered for undergraduate students. The Human Development major and minor are offered through the College of Human Ecology while the Psychology major and minor are offered through the College of Arts & Sciences.

Prospective undergraduate students interested in pursuing the Human Development major will apply to Cornell University and then identify the College of Human Ecology and Human Development as their college/major of choice on the Cornell University Supplement. 

The department also offers graduate degrees in the field of Human Development through the College of Human Ecology and in the field of Psychology through the College of Arts & Sciences.  

Learn more about admissions and the College of Human Ecology by exploring Human Ecology admissions information.

Human Development

Human Development is a multidisciplinary field that provides a strong foundation in the behavioral sciences while exploring the social, cultural, biological, and psychological development of humans across the life course. Undergraduate students in the Human Development major study the processes and mechanisms of growth and change throughout the life cycle and how experiences and social factors affect development.

Undergraduate coursework is organized into five areas of specialization:

  • Aging and Health
  • Cognitive Development
  • Human Developmental Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Psychology, Law, and Human Development
  • Social and Personality Development

An important emphasis is placed on the role that social factors such as schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and culture play in human development, as well as the influence that developing humans have on their environment. 

Review the HD fact sheet and HD curriculum sheet to learn more.


Learn more about the Department of Psychology by exploring the department website.