Whether you are a prospective or incoming student, a visiting speaker, or haven't been here in a long time, we welcome your visit to the College of Human Ecology. To ease any difficulty in getting where you need to be, please review the details below to learn how to best reach the College and various department and program offices.  And be sure to check out the information we've gathered for you on Ithaca-area restaurants, hotels, and other attractions.

Find Cornell Campus

Ithaca is not on a major thruway, so there are several scenic ways to get here.
Interactive campus map. Printable map.

Ithaca's airport (ITH) is 12 minutes from campus.
Syracuse airport (SYR): 90 minutes. Elmira airport (ELM): 1 hour.

Taxi services are arranged through Ithaca Dispatch, 607-277-7777, or Ithaca Airline Limousine, 800-273-9197, 607-273-3030. Limo service can be arranged through ELS Limo.

Campus-to-Campus bus travels to and from New York City daily. A new service is also available, called Big Red Bullet. There is a Greyhound station in down town Ithaca. Shortline provides service to and from several towns in New York State. TCAT buses provide local and regional transportation.

Find Human Ecology

Parking – weekdays during business hours

Parking on the Cornell campus is restricted so please follow all posted information to avoid receiving a ticket! There are University parking booths at most entrances to the campus. Please stop at any booth during normal business hours to learn about the parking options available at the time of your visit. There are a few FLEX spaces in the Forest Home parking garage beneath the Human Ecology Building (HEB) just as you drive in. These require FLEX permits. You may also elect to pay for short-term parking with Parkmobile in the Toboggan Lodge lot, (Parkmobile zone 4114), on Forest Home Drive.

Handicap accessible parking is available both out front of MVR on Reservoir Dr and in the Forest Home parking garage. You will need to display a Cornell-issued visitor permit along with your state-issued handicap plate or placard. Do not use the license plate specific spaces.

From parking garage, come up to T in the elevator - now you are in HEB. Turn left, then right. Cross the Commons (large study area) and you are in MVR. General parking info at Cornell.

Parking – after business hours
After 5:00 p.m. weekdays and all day/evening Saturdays and Sundays there are no parking restrictions other than handicap spaces and where noted. For after hours events you may park in the Forest Home Parking Garage. There are elevators in the garage that will take you up to the terrace level courtyard between the entrance to the HEB and the Commons. There is also parking in the Toboggan Lodge parking area across from the Forest Home Parking Garage. To then get to the HEB or MVR please follow the path along the west side of MVR or enter the parking garage's pedestrian entrance that is in the middle of the garage along Forest Home Drive and then take the elevators or stairs up to the terrace level.

GPS/Google Maps
Enter "37 Forest Home Dr, Ithaca, NY 14853" for the Parking Garage and Human Ecology Building.
Enter "Reservoir Ave, Ithaca, NY 14853" for MVR bldg entrances on central campus.
Enter "110 Plantations Rd, Ithaca, NY 14853" for Beebe Hall.

Printable parking map

Martha Van Rensselaer Hall is on Reservoir Ave, which is a right off Garden Avenue going North. Map. GPS : enter "Reservoir Ave, Ithaca, NY 14853" for MVR bldg entrances on central campus or for parking garage enter: "37 Forest Home Dr, Ithaca, NY 14853."

The Human Ecology Building is on Forest Home Drive. HEB is situated between MVR and Beebe Lake. It is on top of a parking garage. From within MVR, go to level T and walk through the Commons and turn right at the other end - you are now in HEB. GPS : enter "37 Forest Home Dr, Ithaca, NY 14853."

Beebe Hall is on Plantations Rd, just of Forest Home Dr. Walking directions: exit the MVR courtyard in the direction of the parking lot, but follow the corner of the library to a gravel path leading downhill through the bushes and then to the top of the asphalt driveway leading down the steep hill to the back of Beebe Hall. This entrance brings you in the 2nd floor of the building.

Caldwell Hall is on Reservoir Ave, across from MVR.

MVR is transitioning over to new numbering. In the old system, rooms are numbered according to floors across the bldg.; i.e. 249 is on the 2nd floor. The new numbering, beginning to be in effect in the renovated spaces, still start with the floor number, but then divide the building in 4 sections; west wing is 1; left of center is 2; right of center is 3 and right wing plus the section past the round stair well is 4. For example, T411 is on the terrace floor, in the 4th section of the bldg which is in the east wing, room 11.

Meeting Rooms
MVR 2308 and 3308 are in the East Corridor, on the 2nd and 3rd floor respectively.
MVR G71 and G73: 2 lecture halls on G level on the west side.
MVR 153: first level; west side; in extended corridor.
MVR 166: near south west entrance on first floor where you enter; on right side of hallway. MVR G422: G level; past the round stairwell, in east tower; walk all the way to the end past HR office.
HEB T01: on the Terrace level turning right out of the elevator.
HEB 101 and 201: are right above T101 on their respective levels; turning right out of the elevator.

The HEB Commons is a large communal space were students hang out and study and is sometimes used for special events. The Commons connects MVR and the Human Ecology Building. In MVR, go down to Terrace/basement. In HEB, go to level T.

Find Services, Departments and Programs

The Dean's Office is in MVR 1300, which is on the first floor in the east corridor.

The College Admissions Office is in MVR 170/172, just as you enter at the West end of the building.

The Registrar's office is in MVR 146, on the first floor in the main hallway, just beyond the checkerboard floor.

Student Services (admissions, counseling and development) are in MVR 170-172, which is on the first floor by the south west entrance.

The Human Resource office is in the east tower, MVR G411. You can find us on the ground floor, in the east tower, past the round stairwell.

Mother's room: a space is provided for new mothers. Use Outlook to schedule the rooms: MVR G417 Lactation Room East, MVR B76 Lactation Room West, and HEB 2L12 Lactation Room or contact Kristie Thompson at 607-2553113.

You can find Martha's Cafe on the Terrace/basement level of MVR at the west end of the building.

Cornell Institute for Public Affairs' administrative office is in Caldwell Hall 294, which is across from MVR, facing the Ag Quad.

The Design + Environmental Analysis administrative offices are in MVR 1411, which is in the east wing past the round stairwell on the east side of the building.

The Fiber Science & Apparel Design administrative offices are in HEB T57, which is on the Terrace level in HEB, just past the seating area by the Costume Collection.

The Human Development administrative offices are in MVR G77, which is one floor below all main building entries, on the south west side.

The Division of Nutritional Sciences Office of Administrative Support is in 119 Savage Hall, which is across the road on the left of MVR. Undergraduate Office: B21 Savage; Grad Office: B19 Savage.

The Policy Analysis and Management administrative offices are in 2301. The undergraduate, graduate, and Sloan program office is 2250A. Both offices are in the 2nd floor East corridor.

Students with questions about their Human Biology, Health and Society major, should check with their faculty advisor, or in B21 Savage Hall.

The Sloan program in Health Administration offices are on the 3rd floor in MVR 3301, in the east corridor.

People visiting the fMRI Facility, go to level G, in the east corridor.

The Institute for Healthy Futures is in MVR on the 3rd floor in the east corridor, room 3250.

Martha's Café
Martha's Café

There's something for everyone at Martha's Café, located in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall.