Welcome new Cornell Human Ecology students!


We look forward to knowing you and helping you make the most of your experience here.

UPDATE: All incoming Fall 2023 new students are expected to enroll in our Canvas course for important Human Ecology Orientation information.

We have planned a process that ensures you will have what you need to start the semester on solid footing.  We anticipate that you will be thoughtful as you carefully read, process, and act on information from our New Student Orientation Information website. All incoming first year and transfer students are expected to review that website prior to enrolling in Fall 2023 classes July 17-20.

We will be contacting you via your cornell.edu email address, so be sure to activate your NetID and regularly check your official Cornell email account for updates. 

If you are an incoming First-Year student (Class of 2027) your first step will be to visit the Student Portal to "Verify Your Major" by Friday June 23, 2023. You can change your major at this time if your interests have evolved. Incoming Transfer Students – refer to your transfer credit evaluation and the New Student Orientation Information website when scheduling Fall 2023 coursework.

First Year students can gather more information about Human Ecology majors to make your Major Verify decision by June 23, 2023. For more information about Fall 2023 course recommendations for each major, please review your major's 2023-2024 Curriculum Sheet and review the scheduling recommendations from your academic department's "New Student Website" below:

  • Department of Psychology
  • Division of Nutritional Sciences (DNS)
    • Human Biology, Health, and Society (HBHS) majors, Nutritional Sciences (NS) majors, and Global and Public Health Sciences (GPHS) majors: DNS New Student Website
  • Human Centered Design (HCD)
    • Design + Environmental Analysis (DEA) majors and Fiber Science and Apparel Design (FSAD) majors: HCD New Student Website

If you run into scheduling questions after carefully reviewing the online resources, you can schedule an appointment to speak with an advisor in the Office of Student and Career Development by visiting our website.