After much anticipation, construction on Martha Van Rensselaer (MVR) Hall began in August 2018. The renovations are the final phase of the complete upgrade to MVR Hall and are very exciting to the College. 

These changes aim to improve the quality, productivity and overall experience in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall (MVR), in part by creating spaces and designs that promote collaboration, creativity and community.

At the same time, the construction work significantly impacts the Human Ecology community and its visitors. The renovations required approximately 200 people to relocate to temporary office and research space. 

This MVR Renovation website gives a view of the project and helpful resources for faculty, staff, students, and visitors during the construction, including a quick way to search for people who might have moved to a new location during renovations.

View WORK-IN-PROGRESS in the image gallery below

(Updated images will be added throughout the process)

Terrace: Martha’s Café Area
Ground Floor: Research Suite and Office Space
First Floor: Auditorium
First Floor: Admissions Corridor
First Floor: Checkerboard Square
First Floor: Checkerboard Square
First Floor: Checkerboard Square
First Floor: Main Hallway (North)
Second Floor: Conference Room
Second Floor: Group Study Room
Third Floor: Research Office
Third Floor: West Corridor
Third Floor: Department Suite
Mezzanine: Research Space
Mezzanine: Reception Area

Helpful Maps

Renovation access map for MVR and HEB

Renovation access map for MVR and HEB

Renovations map showing surge locations

Renovations map showing surge locations

Renovation promotes sustainability

This MVR Hall renovation project is pursuing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold status or better, which is what has been achieved in all previous phases of MVR renovations.

In this current phase of renovation, the College is reclaiming, upcycling and recycling a significant amount of legacy materials and pieces from the original MVR, and new innovations are cutting down on construction waste remarkably. 

Total tonnage removed via demolition and abatement: 1,293.02 

  • 1,100 tons recycled/diverted
  • 95 tons of landfill

Total tonnage of recycle/reuse during surge of faculty/staff: 13.05 

  • eWaste – electronic recycling = 5,900 pounds (2.95 tons)
  • Shredding – paper recycling = 13,300 pounds (6.65 tons)
  • Books – recycled/reused = 6,900 pounds (3.45 tons)

First-of-its-kind Warehouse ReUse Event

What do you do with a warehouse full of desks, chairs, filing cabinets and other office furniture that you no longer need? If you are College of Human Ecology Facilities and Operations Director Kristine Mahoney, you hold a Warehouse ReUse event to give it away to community members who can put it to use. Read more...