CIRC Principal Investigators and Co-Directors

CIRC conducts and commissions international scholars to collaborate on broad-ranging research on questions relevant to children and families, such as the effects of heavy metal exposure on cognition and the validity of parental fitness evaluations in child custody determinations. CIRC also sponsors "Thinking Like a Scientist," an education-outreach program targeting girls, youth of color, and youth from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds. The program trains thinking and reasoning using the scientific method applied to problems in daily life.

CIRC Mission Statement

To inform those who make important decisions concerning children's lives, to bridge the gap between researchers and those who translate research into practice, and to increase the representation of women, ethnic minorities, and people from disadvantaged backgrounds in science education, the Cornell Institute for Research on Children (CIRC) conducts and disseminates multidisciplinary research on questions of significance to children and their families.

News and Events

Ceci Shapes Judicial Policy on Testimony of Children
August 11, 2005

2004-05 APS James McKeen Cattell Award
September 16, 2004