Division of Nutritional Sciences


Integrating nutritional knowledge from the physical, biological and social sciences. Placement within the College of Human Ecology and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences fulfills our mission.

Undergraduates students in a DNS research lab

What is lovely about this institute is that we see people picking up the skills to go out and answer really important questions where we haven’t got, at the moment, a very good evidenced underpinning. This evidence is going to be taken forward by WHO; it will allow them to go out and actually run really good programs in the real world.

Lee Hooper, editor for the Cochrane Heart Group, member of the WHO Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group and institute faculty member

The establishment of the US Network is an important development for Cochrane as well as the health care community in the US. Coordination and collaboration are core values of the Network because we strongly believe we can add value by working  together as a consortium. I very much look forward to the start of the Network and to seeing it develop and grow as a platform for anyone interested in evidence-informed health and health care in the US.

Marguerite Koster, co-chair of the Cochrane Governing Board

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