Human Ecology’s Office of Student Development is a center for undergraduate freshman and transfer student activities. The counseling staff provide academic advising and personal counseling. They also help students navigate college and university requirements and resources, explore professional pathways, provide leadership opportunities and more.

Advising and Counseling

Human Ecology provides academic advising and career counseling through our Office of Student and Career Development. Our staff meet with students experiencing any academic, personal, or financial concerns. Students have access to Student and Career Development counselors, faculty advisors, and Directors of Undergraduate Studies in their majors.

Multicultural Programs

Human Ecology understands that a diverse community enriches the education and lives of all its members. The college provides a broad range of services and opportunities for students of color, and collaborates with university and New York State programs to ensure that its students have access to our vast array of services.

  • Association for Students of Color
  • Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program
  • Human Ecology Peer Partnership Program


Off-Campus Study

Human Ecology believes that experiential education can be an important part of a student's undergraduate career. The college and the university provide many options for students to explore other cultures and professional internships while studying and participating in programs off-campus.

Student Organizations

Getting involved in college and university communities through membership and leadership in student organizations is a vital part of student life. Human Ecology provides a wealth of opportunities through the organizations that it sponsors and advises. Students gain significant leadership and organizational skills, as well as professional exposure to their academic and professional fields of interest.

Leadership and Engagement

Engagement, transformative processes and translational research are key themes in Human Ecology’s leadership programs. Students learn research and design approaches for problem solving, and they also experience leadership in professional research and practice.

How to contact the Student Development Office:

1210 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall 
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: 607-255-2532

  • Darryl Scott, Director
  • Verdene Lee
  • Deanne Maxwell
  • Shaun Gendrue
  • Amanda Gonzalez