Parent educators must follow a specific protocol in order for us to report the statewide impact parenting programs have on families in New York State, if you are unfamiliar with it please review the Protocol for Use (see below).

In addition, participant data must include at least six hours of content delivery (workshops, sessions, etc.) and participants will complete both a pre- and post-survey (at program entry and exit). The survey is available below for you to reproduce. Note that this survey does not replace your own evaluative surveys; rather it can be used to supplement your regular data collection instruments. All educators who administer the evaluation surveys must receive an Informed Consent form (see below) from each parent/caregiver who participates. For more information regarding human participants' standards, refer to: After you have participant data, you may input the data at: .


Before you begin

Attendance-Excel Spreadsheet

Protocol for Use

Using Qualtrics to Collect Data

First Session:

Last Session:

Inputting Data

After you have collected participant data, please input the data online.

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