NEW for the 2024 Admissions Cycle

Fiber science develops and recommends fibrous materials used for fashion, performance athletic wear, protective garments, home furnishings, medical devices, and molded structural elements. Creative thinking accompanies scientific knowledge for the best outcomes.

The Fiber Science Index is required of all first-year and transfer applicants interested in this major. This submission will be considered along with your required application materials (Common Application, transcripts, etc). Fiber Science applicants who do not submit the Fiber Science Index will not be considered. 

Submitting your Fiber Science Index
All Fiber Science Index components must be submitted via SlideRoom. Mailed materials will not be accepted, reviewed, or returned.

Your Fiber Science Index must be submitted to SlideRoom by the application deadline that corresponds with your application status. Late submissions will not be considered.

Fiber Science Index components
The Fiber Science Index consists of the following (1) required component (see below). Applicants must complete and submit the (1) required component.

  1. Required — Written Statements
  2. Optional — Your own creative work

Carefully review the following instructions to ensure that you submit all required material for evaluation. 

All work must be original and created by the applicant, WITH NO ASSISTANCE FROM CONSULTANTS, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, ETC. Submissions found to have significant similarity to work posted on the internet or from other sources will not be accepted.


For the optional creative work: Please use the description field in SlideRoom to identify date of creation, medium, and other relevant details about each piece. If using a commercial pattern, please indicate this and explain how you have modified or otherwise modified the piece to reflect your unique vision for the final design.

NEW Requirement: Fiber Science Index (2024)

Tell us more about yourself and your interest in fiber science by responding to each question/prompt below. You will submit your (4) responses via the Fiber Science Index form on SlideRoom.

  1. Imagine anything is possible and you could invent a new fiber or textile. For what would this fiber/textile be used? What are its functional properties? Why did you invent it? (Maximum: 150 words)
  2. People often think of science and design as separate pursuits. How do you see them as connected and how does that motivate you to study Fiber Science in a department of Human Centered Design? (Maximum: 150 words) 
  3. Identify a social justice, human health, or sustainability issue that you could impact through your work in Fiber Science and tell us how you would make that impact come to fruition. (Maximum: 150 words) 
  4. Students in the College of Human Ecology approach the study of human health and well-being by considering many different scholarly perspectives, including human development, nutrition, psychology, history, economics, design, and the social and material sciences, among others. What interests you about studying Fiber Science in this kind of interdisciplinary educational context? (Maximum: 150 words)

Submit up to three (3) additional images of your original creative work for consideration. Submissions can include sketches, photos, videos, and blog posts, as well as garments or accessories you have designed/made.

Submit optional creative work (maximum of 3 pages) to SlideRoom.