A Mission-Focused Approach

The College of Human Ecology (CHE) Undergraduate Admissions Team practices selective admissions and takes a mission-focused approach to the comprehensive review of our deep, diverse, and talented applicant pool. 

We consider a range of selection criteria linked to the College of Human Ecology's mission and education, as well as the value an applicant will bring to the College of Human Ecology and broader University communities. In addition to applicants' academic readiness and rigor, perspective, and life and other out-of-classroom experiences, we consider the characteristics and skills that our successful students, community members, and alumni have demonstrated.

Applicants interested in the College of Human Ecology will apply to Cornell University and then select CHE as their college of interest.

A Thoughtful College Search

Knowing yourself is one of the most important steps as you begin your college search. This will help you thoughtfully consider your choices and find an undergraduate experience, not just an undergraduate education. Create a moment of reflection and personal assessment to learn more about...

  • your strengths and areas for growth;
  • what engages you and why;
  • what environments stretch you;
  • what skills will support your goals regardless of where you land;
  • how those skills connect to the majors in the College of Human Ecology.

Being well informed regarding the institutions on your list is also important. Learn about what makes the Human Ecology experience so meaningful and how to best prepare for the possibilities ahead. 

Undergraduate Admissions Selection Factors

  • an outstanding record of academic achievement in a rigorous curriculum that includes depth in core math and science courses throughout the high school career regardless of your choice of major.
  • a strong, clearly articulated connection to the college mission and an understanding of how the academic programs will support your interests in addressing contemporary human challenges demonstrated through a thoughtful supplemental essay response and engaged participation in school and greater community. (Tip: Directly answer the College of Human Ecology's Cornell Supplemental Essay prompt!).
  • active engagement in school and greater communities and testing of your academic/career interests through a variety of opportunities including extracurricular activities, meaningful service work, paid work positions, internships, shadowing, etc.
  • volunteer and/or work experience.
  • and an outwardly focused and observant perspective and point of view. 
  • review our First-year Application Tips for more as you prepare your application.

Please note that interviews are not offered.

  • In addition to the primary application materials, Design and Index supplements are required for the following majors. Carefully review the instructions and focus on showcasing your best creative thinking and problem-solving through this required component. 
    • Design & Environmental Analysis
    • Fashion Design & Management
    • Fiber Science