The College of Human Ecology advising and counseling staff in the Office of Student and Career Development is available remotely to support you. Book an appointment with an available counselor to discuss issues, address questions or concerns, examine your goals and plans for the future, and begin problem-solving for success.

Our programming and services remain available to help you navigate your planning.

We are available to discuss:

  • unique approaches to job and internship searches
  • conducting information interviews/effective cold calling
  • considering unpaid internships
  • preparation for virtual interviews
  • shifts in professional goals/ambitions
  • new opportunities to leverage your Human Ecology education and experience
  • exploring new professional and service interests
  • alumni engagement

Young Alumni to Share Career Advice

Sponsored by the Human Ecology Young Alumni Council

Take advantage of these virtual career conversations to gain valuable information and advice from young alumni on their career experiences and knowledge in finding internships and jobs.

Design and Fashion Recording

Madeline Winer, DEA '17 Design Researcher + Strategist, United Technologies
Rae Dagdagan, FSAD '16 Freelance Clothing Designer
Kathryn Smith, DEA '18 Design Strategist, HLW
Molly Kestenbaum, FSAD ’17 Merchandise Assistant Men’s, DTC, Ralph Lauren
Katrina Stropkay, DEA '17 Service Designer, Cantina

Policy & Education Recording

Terry Horner NS '92 Ph.D'98 Assistant Director, Government Accountability Office
Sarah Rose Aiken, HD '18 Masters Student, Teacher's College, Columbia
Olivia Healy, PAM '12, PhD Student, Northwester, Human Development and Social Policy
Alex Payne, MPA, PAM '09, Legislative Director, US House of Representatives - Congresswoman Kim Schrier
Sam Turer, PAM '18 Strategist, Schoen Consulting

Healthcare/Nutrition/Medicine Recording

Laura Santacrose, HD '11, Assistant Director, Skorton Center for Health Initiatives, Cornell University
Sara Ragi, B&S '18, MS Nutrition at Columbia
Brittany Jarret, NS ‘12, RD ‘14, PhD ‘17, Associate Medical Writer, McCann Health Medical Communications
Kelsey Sklar, HBHS '17 MD/MPH student, SUNY Downstate
Lauren Braun, HD '11 Business Development Manager at Quartet Health
Ariana Korman, NS '18 RD, CDN, Nutrition Manager, Juice Press
Dr. Brian Santacrose, HD, '08 Pediatrician, Children's Medical Clinic, Santa Barbara

Design/Ergonomics/Sustainability/Architecture Recording

Madeline Winer, DEA '17 Design Researcher + Strategist, United Technologies
Melanie Gowen, DEA '09 Real Estate Sales
Hadley Parker, DEA '18 Designer, TPG Architecture
Perry Lawson, DEA '18 Designer, CBT Architects
Megan Cackett DEA' 16 Human Factors Researcher, Google
Jaclyn Popkin DEA'11 Property Manager, RFR Realty
Eden Brachot DEA '15, Design Strategist at HLW

Learn more about the difference our alumni are making with their Human Ecology education.

For more information, please contact the Human Ecology Alumni Affairs office

Human Ecology Alumni/Student Mentor Pilot Program

The Human Ecology Alumni/Student Mentor Pilot Program will provide students the opportunity to connect with, and learn from experienced alumni from industries such as law, healthcare, finance, consulting, fashion, entrepreneurship, and more.  This pilot program will include information sharing between students and mentors that will focus on five industry specific areas:

  • Discussions on career paths/interests
  • Resume review
  • Interview skills
  • LinkedIn and networking
  • Importance and content of follow ups

Students will receive an email with their mentors name, job title, and contact information. Upon receiving this email, students are expected to send a follow-up email to their mentor introducing themselves, provide a link to their LinkedIn profile, and share their resume. The program will run through August 1, 2020.  The deadline to request a mentor is May 21st.  Please contact Deanne Maxwell  at for more information and to request your mentor. 

How you present and distinguish yourself in these times is an opportunity to display confidence, hopefulness, vision, leadership, and calm. Let us help you find a path to work and experience that has meaning, and critically assess your readiness to pursue it all!