This project incorporates a public health perspective into parenting education by developing innovative ways to expand virtual parenting offerings for parents and professionals who work with families.

A series of pre-recorded webinars and other resources are being developed to address topics related to parenting and public health. The following resources are now available:

Looking at Parenting Education Through a Public Health LensAdam Hughes, MPH, State Extension Specialist

Adam Hughes is a member of the Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) state extension specialist team and provides leadership and expertise that enables county CCE associations and programs to work effectively with a broad range of system and local program, administrative, governance, management, and organizational opportunities. Adam also serves as the Co-Associate Director of Community Engagement and Advocacy with the Cornell Center for Health Equity and as the CCE liaison to the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP) Heath and Well-Being workgroup.

Infographic: Parenting Education as Public HealthJulia Chapman & Kimberly Kopko

This infographic utilizes information from Adam Hughes's above webinar to provide an overview of how parenting education can be viewed as a public health initiative. This resource is intended to provide a brief visual summary of what public health is, the social determinants of health, and how parenting education practices intersect with public health initiatives. 

Public Health, Parent Education, and Gender Diverse FamiliesCara Sultan, LMSW, CCE Suffolk County

Cara Sultan is a Parent Educator in Suffolk County. In the summer of 2021, Cara and her colleague Kerri Reda worked with a CCE summer intern to develop a program and educational materials that support families with gender-diverse children.  Cara continues to offer virtual events through CCE Suffolk County that aim to reframe traditional understandings of gender, build a deeper understanding of gender-diverse individuals and the LGBTQIA+ community, and provide everyday skills to navigate a gender-expansive world.

CCE Parenting and Nutrition: Public Health Programs with Collaboration PotentialAlisha Gaines, Research Associate FNEC Team, Cornell University Division of Nutritional Sciences

Alisha Gaines is a research associate in the division of nutritional sciences and a member of the Food and Nutrition Education in Community (FNEC) Team. FNEC promotes healthy nutrition through research, professional development, and programming with a focus on low-income individuals and families.

Parenting and Public Health: Parents as Primary Sex Educators, Mary Cupelo, Training and Capacity Building Intern, ACT for Youth

Mary Cupelo is a Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Health Educator at ACR Health, in Central New York. Mary current serves as the Training and Capacity Building Intern for ACT (Assets Coming Together) for Youth Center for Community Action. ACT for Youth connects research to practice in the areas of positive youth development and adolescent/young adult health. ACT for Youth offers training, capacity building, and evaluation services to public health agencies, youth development organizations, and community projects focused on adolescent health and development.