Our Mission

Provide information technology assistance, oversight, and resources for the college's instructional, research, and outreach missions, and the administrative functions that support them. 

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Area Name Email Phone
  • IT Director
Randi Rainbow rar28@cornell.edu 5-8979
  • Systems Administration
Richard Hine rh96@cornell.edu 4-1332
  • AV Support
Lucas Landaeta ll542@cornell.edu 5-1128
  • Desktop Services Lead, PSY
Sean Holbert smh366@cornell.edu 5-0208
  • BCTR, BROOKS, Finance, HR, Facilities
Mike Miller mrm382@cornell.edu 5-7020
Joeffrey Garcia jlg379@cornell.edu 212-340-2929
  • DNS, Deans and Directors
Dave Trimber dlt89@cornell.edu 5-6707
  • HCD, Career and Student Services
Cody Butler cdb223@cornell.edu 5-5103
  • Applications and Reporting
David Hiner drh222@cornell.edu 5-1612

Issue escalation

If you ever feel that a process or solution to your issue is not satisfactory, please contact us immediately.  We are committed to developing solutions, including custom ones, to meet the unique needs of all of our customers.
Randi Rainbow, IT Director 5-8979

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