Why students choose the College of Human Ecology.

With a community of undergraduate colleges Cornell offers several educational approaches to your education, from traditional liberal arts programs to more applied offerings. The College of Human Ecology is considered an applied liberal arts college. Whereas offerings in traditional liberal arts colleges tend to focus on the historical and theoretical aspects of a subject, programs in the College of Human Ecology are more contemporary and applied in nature. Human Ecology exists to identify and address contemporary human issues from a variety of perspectives. We believe that the challenges facing individuals and societies today are generally too complicated to be understood from a single perspective, but that they require a consideration of a psychological, sociological, economic, design, and scientific approach. Human Ecology majors provide a strong liberal arts foundation, but through its applied education offers significant career preparation as well.

For career interests in:

Business and Management

Consider majors such as:

Design and Technology

Options in our Design + Environmental Analysis, Fashion Design and Management, and Fiber Science majors provide a unique education for those interested in design and the social and behavioral sciences.

Law and Public Policy

Careers in these fields are possible through any Human Ecology major, as there is no specific pre-law program. Many students with these interests pursue a major in:

Medicine and Health

Consider our programs in:

The Brooks School of Public Policy

The College of Human Ecology and the Brooks School of Public Policy share access to their respective courses to meet academic requirements. Each offers students variety and greater perspective to complement their chosen majors. The Health Care Policy and Public Policy majors are offered through the Brooks School.