Event Spaces & Reservation

The College of Human Ecology has event spaces available for use by the Human Ecology Community only. Several of the available spaces are used to support academic classes and may not be scheduled for events until classes have been placed in the term in which your requesting space.

All common spaces in the college are considered public space (ie. Commons, Courtyards, Atrium, and Terraces), as such, they are shared at all times with our students and academic community. You will not be able to completely restrict access to these spaces so please consider this as you plan your event.

How to reserve a space/submitting an event request form

The first step in reserving a space is to go to https://scheduling.cornell.edu and completing the online form. After the form is submitted you will immediately receive an automated confirmation of your request.  In 1 to 3 business days you will receive an email to notify you if the space is available on the date and time you requested. If the space is available you will then receive an an email notifying you if the event is approved. Please allow another 1 to 3 days for this approval.  The College's Space Use Coordinator may contact you for further details regarding your event before approval is given.

Please be sure to include starting and ending times in your event request. Currently, the building hours are 7:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. Monday–Friday. If you have an event planned for a weekend or outside of the regular hours make sure that is noted. Please include time at the beginning and end of your event to allow for the arrival/departure of caterers or other vendors.

Commonly used spaces for events, see above conference rooms as well:

  • The HEB Commons
  • HEB Terrace
  • HEB Courtyard

Room Resources and Meeting Spaces

Conference rooms, labs, studios, and classrooms have different features and functionality.

Meeting and Conference Rooms

Room MVR G422* MVR 1429* MVR 1300H
Capacity 20 16 25


Room MVR 3308* HEB T01* SAV 131 SAV 232 SAV 332 SAV 403
Capacity 25 25 14 14 14 12


*All these spaces have projection systems with computer connectors, sound systems, and wireless presenters.

To reserve a meeting space for your event, work with your administrative assistant or schedule through Outlook or contact che-acad-event@cornell.edu.


These rooms are on Schedule 25 and are only available as class rooms and cannot be booked for meetings.
* These rooms may have regularly scheduled classes; but may be used for meetings if available.
For class room scheduling, contact your department undergraduate assistant with course details.
For classroom technology support, contact Lucas Landaeta.

Room MVR G71 MVR G73
Capacity 135 135


Room SAV 100 SAV 200
Capacity 94 51


To see the functionality of and what equipment is in the rooms, visit the CHE Rooms spreadsheet.

Student Labs

Graduate lab computers are equipped to enable users to connect to Ciser's remote environment for their software needs. Each graduate student will automatically receive an email with logon information to their Human Ecology Ciser account. Please note that if you currently have a Ciser account, the Human Ecology Ciser account is a separate account with different software ability. The username for your Ciser account will be netid_che. If you're a graduate student and have not received enrollment and logon information for Ciser, please enter a Helpdesk ticket. Below is a list of the software available on Ciser (Human Ecology Ciser):

Office 2013 Endnote SAS Sketchup 2014
Adobe Reader Mozilla Firefox JabRef Inventor
Nutritionist Pro Internet Explorer R JMP
Google Chrome 7-zip Matlab Realplayer
MikTex MiniTab QuickTime Lyx
E-Prime SPSS

All students have access to the Dean’s Lounge in MVR 159, which was designed by six students in the College of Human Ecology’s Design and Environmental Analysis (DEA) program to be a comfortable, quiet and environmentally friendly workspace. The space was designed to encompass the college’s dedication to research, innovation, sustainability and community.

Lounge 159 provides distinct spaces to meet different student needs: group meeting areas, individual desks for studying, two areas for socializing and a computer workstation area. The workstations include five computers, (three with a 15 minute limit, two with a 45 minute limit). Back and white printing is available through Net-Print.