If you have a question for the Communications office, email hecommunications@cornell.edu or reach us individually using the contact information below.


Amy Meckeler Assistant Dean for Communications 607-255-1403
Mark Vorreuter Web Designer 607-255-2849
Soontira Sutanont Senior Graphic Designer 607-255-4719
Lauri Whatley Project Associate and Office Manager 607-255-2247


Welcome to the College of Human Ecology communications resources section. The resources provided are to assist Human Ecology faculty and staff in creating and maintaining a consistent visual, verbal and strategic articulation of the College across different communication channels, media and strategies. CHE branding consistency marks our collective strength as a College while preserving and showcasing the unique work of our departments and units.

Logos (Downloadable with log-in)

Official Cornell College of Human Ecology (CHE) wordmarks are available to download for print and web use by members of the Cornell University community.

Visit Cornell University Brand Center for guidelines relating to use of the university seal. This is also the best place to refer to all related policies that apply to the use of branding elements that represent the university, and its colleges, schools and units.

Four variations of the CHE lockup logo

The white wordmark should be used on a field of color or an image to achieve a clear contrast.

College Stacked Lockup Logo

Vertical (Stacked) Version

Departments and units: There are two (2) versions of department and unit logos, approved by the College Communications Office as well as the University Branding team.

Version 1) Should be used when the promotion of the College is the emphasis.

Department lock up logo version one

Version 2) Should be used when the promotion of the department or unit is the emphasis. Please note: this version cannot incorporate the Cornell insignia/seal unless it appears respective to the logo in accordance with the University brand guidelines (sample provided below.)

Department Level lockup logo

The white wordmark should be used on a field of color or an image to achieve a clear contrast.

File Formats Description

  1. PNG files are ideal for digital documents such as web pages and digital presentations. Their transparent backgrounds make them especially useful for places where a transparent background is required (like over a field of color). PNGs also won’t get grainy or blurry when uploaded.
  2. JPG files also work really well on the web. They are not too large in file size. Please keep in mind that it does not have the transparent background.
  1. EPS files is designed to produce high-resolution graphics for print, and you can scale EPS files and they won’t lose resolution. EPS files, much like PDFs, can be opened in several different applications, including but not limited to Adobe Creative Cloud products.
  2. PDF files can be used for the print format but need Adobe Creative Cloud products if you need to modify the file.