Saeedeh Sadeghi
Saeedeh Sadeghi
Ph.D. Candidate

HD3660, COGST3660: Affective and Social Neuroscience

Sadeghi, S., Daziano, R., Yoon, S. Y., & Anderson, A. K. (2022). Crowding and Perceived Travel Time in Public Transit: Virtual Reality Compared With Stated Choice Surveys. Transportation Research Record, 03611981221130346.

Rahnev, D., Desender, K., Lee, A. L., Adler, W. T., Aguilar-Lleyda, D., Akdoğan, B., ... & Zylberberg, A. (2020). The confidence database. Nature human behaviour4(3), 317-325.

Sadeghi, S., Ekhtiari, H., Bahrami, B., & Ahmadabadi, M. N. (2017). Metacognitive deficiency in a perceptual but not a memory task in methadone maintenance patients. Scientific reports7(1), 1-8.


2019, M.Sc, Systems Engineering, Cornell University

2015, M.Sc, Machine Intelligence and Robotics, University of Tehran

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