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I am a sociologist who incorporates substantive, theoretical, and methodological work from several social science disciplines and fields into my teaching and research about social aspects of food, eating, and nutrition. Substantively, my research focuses on the social causes and consequences of obesity, especially marriage and body weight;  food choice processes;  eating relationships; and food systems. Theoretically, I teach and use a variety of perspectives, and my theoretical work focuses on conceptualizing social relationship trajectories, constructing and negotiating food choice, and how physical factors are related with social factors. Methodologically, I use quantitative and qualitative techniques, and my methodological work focuses upon assessing qualitative sample extensiveness, developing category content elicitation methods, and constructing ways to assess eating partners.

Marriage and Body Weight, Food Choice Processes, Food Systems

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American Sociological Association (ASA)

Eastern Sociological Society (ESS)

Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS)

Cornell Graduate Field Memberships: Nutrition; Development Sociology; Demography; Epidemiology

I support projects that translate social science perspectives and information to the community.  Currently I am collaborating with Dr. Pilar Parra in a project examining and increasing participation of children of new Hispanic migrants in 4-H clubs in rural New York State.

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses as well as mentor undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students in research. I approach teaching as seeking to provide students with conceptual and methodological tools that they can bring to bear upon topics and problems that they will deal with in the future. My teaching seeks to provide a balance in exposing and educating students about a variety of theoretical perspectives and research techniques, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of each theory and method, and presenting specific substantive material.  My mentoring of students seeks to give them hands-on experience in pursuing social science research about food and nutrition topics.

NS 2450 - Social Science Perspectives on Food and Nutrition

  • BA 1972 - Bucknell University (Biology)
  • MA 1974 - University of Pennsylvania (Sociology) 
  • MPH 1983 - Johns Hopkins University (Behavioral Science, Nutrition, and Epidemiology)
  • PhD 1978 - University of Pennsylvania (Sociology)

Chair, Seach Committee for two positions in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2018-2019

Member, Search Committee for the Director of the Division of Social Sciences, 2018-2019

Member, Graduate Student Admissions Committee, Field of Nutrition, 2018-2019


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