to the Department of Human-Centered Design (HCD).  We look forward to working together with you to change the world, by design. We are a unique combination of thought leaders in three majors within HCD :
Design + Environmental Analysis
Fashion Design & Management
Fiber Science

read this information in its entirety to prepare for your arrival at Cornell in August :

• Program Distinctions :    

curriculum information for your major 

• Suggested Schedules :     

Design + Environmental Analysis
Fashion Design
Fashion Design Management
Fiber Science        

• Computer Requirements :
be sure that your computer will meet the Department’s minimum requirements :

  • Intel i7 or i9 processor
  • Windows 11
  • 32 GB of RAM
  • Dedicated video processor should be one of the following or greater: Nvidia Quadro, Nvidia® Geforce 1660, 2060, 3060, 4060 or greater.
  • At least a 500 GB hard drive (SSD hard drive)
  • Wireless networking adapter (for internet)
  • Three-year warranty (recommended)
  • Theft and damage insurance (recommended)
  • Total estimated cost for a high mid level Razer laptop (base model, just meets suggested specs): $1,799

    *PC preferred over Macs due to software support/compatibility issues.

• Course Enrollment :        

we will directly enroll you in some courses for your major.  Please do not drop these courses as you try to schedule other courses since you could find yourself without a critical introductory course. 

Course enroll begins :
August 23 - September 9, 2024

• Questions :                    

if you have questions contact :
Darin Gillenwater, our Undergraduate Coordinator

djg326@cornell.edu or 607.255.3196

• Orientation :                       

learn more about orientation and advisors for your specific major

Can’t wait to meet you !

Rhonda Gilmore :  DEA                 
Director of Undergraduate Studies


Fran Kozen :  FSAD
Director of Undergraduate Studies