Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate students achieve the following key learning outcomes in FSAD courses.

1.  Design process
     a.  Understanding of design process
     b.  Complex problem solving

2.  Visual aspects of design
     a. Principles
     b. Aesthetics

3.  Technology
     a.  CAD/CAM
     b.  Advanced production methods

4.  Communication
     a. Visual communication
     b. Oral communication
     c.  Written communication

5.  Industry knowledge
     a.  domestic
     b.  international

6.  Theoretical aspects of Fashion/dress/textiles
     a.  cultural/social aspects
     b.  visual aspects
     c.  historical aspects

7.  Production skills
     a.  sewing 
     b.  draping
     c.  flat pattern
     d.  material skills (understanding of fabrics, findings, tools)
     e.  textile design

8.  Quality assessment

9.  Knowledge of end use
     a.  consumer behavior 
     b.  human factors

10.  Analysis
     a.  quantitative assessment
     b.  qualitative assessment (critiques, critical thinking)

11.  Product development

12.  Working in teams

13.  Research skills

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