Green Awards bring sustainability mindset to work

Think Big, Live Green logos

In 2014, the College of Human Ecology launched a full-on effort to promote a culture of sustainability everywhere we work and live on campus in support of the Cornell’s Think Big, Live Green (TBLG) a university-wide sustainability engagement program operating since 2014.

Think Big, Live Green is a structured set of campaigns to encourage thoughtful decisions about environmental impact, and actions to build healthier communities and was designed using community-based social marketing principles. To assist in creating a culture of sustainability at Cornell, Sustainability Teams or “green teams” ware networks of individuals, and departments and units, working to create a culture of sustainability where they work and live on campus.

Ultimately, the initiative strives for Cornell to achieve to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. We are on our way!

This past fall, to honor and celebrate those who are leading the way in promoting sustainability at the College, Human Ecology gave out Green Awards to select members of the CHE community who are making a difference. These CHE Green Team winners inspire others, teach us to think creatively, and move us forward.

Celebrate our award winners with us.

Sustainable Behavior Change Rookie: Madjabi Castrejon, administrative assistant, has given us service above and beyond her role, with exceptional contributions to our mission. Her New Member award is well deserved, given her enthusiastic leap into the work of the college. She is undaunted by her newbie status and impressive in her participation.

Sustainable Behavior Change Champion: CHE digital design and fabrication supervisor, Charles Beach, leads with his motto: “Come through with an idea and leave with a creation!” The Staff Award is given to him for putting this motto into action for all the sustainability projects, bringing real products to the fore.

Sustainable Behavior Change Innovator: Student Award winner, Katarina Goodge brings her chemical engineering and fiber science background into her contribution to the ReGeneration Exhibit, with the goal of extending the life cycle of waste materials through value added art and fashion. She began a 4H Thread Café, teaching young people a wide range of knitting skills.

Angie Stedwell Award for Passion and Commitment to Sustainable Behavior : Mark Vorreuter shares his talents, time and effort with the Green Ambassadors. He lives off the grid, adopting a low impact lifestyle. His commitment to sustainable behaviors makes him a role model for us all.

“The College of Human Ecology is well on our way to living our mission through changing our own mindsets and practices,” Vorreuter said. “Join us.”

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