Xia Zeng
Research Associate (Lab Manager)
Human Centered Design

277 Human Ecology Building (HEB)


Research Associate in Fiber Science. My research focuses on the remediation and environmental fate of pollutants, and the analysis and degradation study of dyes on textile and archaeological samples. I also cooperate with other faculty on the projects of fabric evaluation, textile test and biodegradation. Teaching and training are my other duties. Currently teaching Fiber Chemistry class and training TAs for other Fiber Science classes. 


Worked with Prof. Tasha Lewis on the research paper on Kijani project. Currently working on the NEGA Liner Project.

I help teach Class FSAD 3320 and the student lab. I taught FSAD 4360 in Spring 2018, and helped teach FSAD 6160 lab in Fall 2018. I also train all the graduate students and Teaching Assistants on all the fiber science instruments.

FSAD 3320: Product Quality Assurance

FSAD 4360 : Fiber Chemistry

Environmental Evaluation of Fabric Dyeing and Water Use for a Global Apparel Manufacturer TL Lewis, X Zeng, V Sanchez, J Fan AATCC Journal of Research 4 (1), 1-13

 I work as Research Associate and Lab Manager. My study focuses on remediation of environmental pollutants and testing of dyes and fabric structure and properties.

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