Van Dyke


Associate Professor
T33 Human Ecology Building (HEB)
Ithaca, New York
Fiber Science & Apparel Design


Trained in Britain as a women’s and menswear fashion designer, educated in art anthropology, Professor Van Dyk Lewis has practiced as a designer, illustrator, and stylist. As a fashion course and program director, he managed and steered one of the UK's foremost fashion programs into an award-winning one. 

His mission is to unpack fashion meaning and apply it to industrial and societal processes. Current interest is in fashion philosophy, politics and fashion, fashion propaganda, and fashion fictions.

Fashion Theory
Anthropology of Fashion
Fashion Image
Fashion Criticism
Contemporary Fashion
Ethnography of Fashion Cultures (youth, music, & race)
Politics & Fashion
Art and Design Anthropology



Lewis, V.D. (2015) Treatise for Fashion Sustainable Thinking. In, Janet Hethorn, Connie Ulasewicz, (Eds.), Sustainable Fashion, What's Next? Second Edition. New York: Fairchild.

Reviewer - The Journal of the Textile Institute

Lewis's teaching philosophy privileges three things; the acquisition of studio skills, an understanding of designed objects and how humans interact with objects, and third, fostering a belief that fashion design affects human relationships and therefore the fashion designer must be responsible to the planet in all aspects of design, manufacture, marketing, and promotion. 



Fashion Philosophy and Theory FSAD 6700

Fashion Collections Thesis FSAD 4770

Experimentation for Fashion Collections FSAD 3770

Fashion Graphics FSAD 1170

Empirical Research FSAD 4010 

Doctoral Thesis FSAD 9990

Title IX Adjudicator [discidium]