Saurabh Mehta
Saurabh Mehta
The Janet and Gordon Lankton Professor
Division of Nutritional Sciences

314 Savage Hall


I am a physician and an epidemiologist with expertise in infectious disease, nutrition, maternal and child health, and diagnostics. The central theme of my research is the interplay between nutrition and infection, including facilitating field-friendly assessment for both, and elucidating how nutrition can be used as a modifiable risk factor for infections and associated outcomes, often in the context of pregnancy and early childhood. This is achieved through a combination of active surveillance programs, invention of point-of-care diagnostics for nutrition and infection, and randomized controlled trials primarily in resource-limited settings in India, sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America. 

I am currently the principal investigator on two large randomized efficacy trials to determine the effect of delivering micronutrients through biofortified crops on nutrition and immune function in infants in India. A major emphasis in these studies is to understand how diet may modulate the gut microbiome early in life in collaboration with the Rob Knight Lab in UCSD. 

David Erickson and I are also the co-inventors of the Cornell NutriPhone and FeverPhone, a NSF- and NIH-funded platform for point-of-care diagnosis of nutritional status and infections. In Ecuador, I have been focusing on neglected tropical diseases such as dengue virus infection and am currently the principal investigator on an NIH R01 focusing on the development of FeverPhone for differential diagnosis of acute febrile illnesses. 

I also serve as a consultant to the World Health Organization on topics such as tuberculosis, nutrition, and diagnostic test accuracy. This has also involved recently serving as the external expert on Emergency Guideline Development Meeting for Zika virus and publishing the first systematic review on mother to child transmission of Zika virus, which served as the basis for the current guidelines on this topic. This is now being updated to include other infections such as Ebola virus disease and will be released in December 2019/Spring 2020. 

The Mehta Research Group primarily works in India in the states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and coastal Ecuador. Our focus is on vulnerable populations including mothers and children, and those suffering from infectious diseases such as HIV infection, Tuberculosis, Dengue virus infection, Zika virus infection, and Malaria.

The aspirational goal and guiding principle of our team is to deliver community health care in the community itself to either prevent poor health outcomes and/or reduce their severity/impact. Consequently, our research is on a) identifying risk factors that predict poor health in our communities as early as possible through active surveillance; b) inventing field-friendly devices such as the Cornell NutriPhone and FeverPhone to enable community-level or point-of-need diagnoses; and c) intervening to modify the identified risk factors mainly through sustainable interventions.

Given that a) the majority of the world is either over- or under-nourished; and b) diet and nutrition-related factors represent the largest proportion of risk factors for global mortality and morbidity, we often use nutritional interventions to modify the risk of adverse health outcomes in our research. Further, we examine the mechanistic linkages between nutrition and health - for example, we recently concluded a randomized trial of iron-rich pearl millet among children in urban slums of Mumbai to determine its effect on growth and immune function, among other outcomes, and are also assessing how this effect may be modified by the gut microbiome’s composition and function. 


NS 3060: Nutrition and Global Health

NS 6580: Advanced Epidemiology: Theory and Practice

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