Nooshin Ahmadi
Nooshin Ahmadi
Human Centered Design


I am an architectural designer and researcher whose primary interest is research-driven design approaches to fitting objects, spaces, and experiences to human needs, capabilities, and behaviors.

Before coming to Ithaca, I was a faculty member at the University of Houston, and an Architectural Designer III at Perkins + Will. Prior to joining Perkins + Will, I was a faculty member at the University of Idaho and practiced as an architectural designer at SmithGroup, an American architectural, engineering, and planning firm. 

I hold a master’s degree from Texas A&M University, College Station as well as a professional Bachelor of Architecture degree from Art University of Isfahan, Iran.

Besides design, research, and teaching I love to advocate for good design, find ways to make learning fun and help students become lifelong learners who are capable of harnessing the power of design to make our world a better place.

I have always admired the aphorism penned by William Ward: “The mediocre teacher tells; the good teacher explains; the superior teacher demonstrates; the great teacher inspires.” Drawing on the models of the teachers who have inspired me during my own studies, I seek to ground my teaching pedagogy both on sound academic foundations and on innovative means of connecting with students in the contemporary environment. 

My outlook on teaching is based strongly on my professional experience in the field, as well as my background in interdisciplinary research. I seek to prepare students for the needs of today’s world, both inside and beyond academia. My strong belief is that the real task of university education is to create self-motivated and independent learners and thinkers. I also emphasize broad and syncretic thinking through learning experiences in which design principles are conveyed together with innovations in other areas of knowledge.

DEA 2020: Introduction to Sustainable Design 

DEA 2030: Digital Communications

DEA 1150: Design Graphics Visualization

DEA 4610: Professional Communication and Portfolio

DEA 4040: Professional Practices/Ethics

DEA 1100: Design Generations

DEA 1110: Making a Difference by Design 

B.Arch, Art University of Isfahan

M.Arch, Texas A&M University

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