Larissa Shepherd
Larissa Shepherd
Assistant Professor
Human Centered Design

HEB 137



Larissa Shepherd, PhD., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design.

Dr. Shepherd earned her B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering at Alfred University. While earning her M.S. and  Ph.D. from Cornell University, she breifly worked in industry as a Market Development Intern for  Invista, in addition to taking part in a Liquid Crystalline and Responsive Fibers International Research Experience for Students in Germany.

My research goals are concentrated in tailoring fibers (electrospun, wet spun, dry wet spun, or melt spun) for use in agriculture, military, energy, and electronic applications. Optically responsive fabrics is the current theme in the RAD lab. In addition, my interests encompass the further development of a new form of fiber formation, Immersion Electrospinning, and its potential applications. 

In my teaching I seek to engage students by various modes of teaching as individual students excel under different conditions. To meet these needs, I strive to integrate visual, hands-on, and reading exercises. I also encourage in-class group exercises and/or group projects as I strongly believe the ability for students to work together, and evaluate themselves, and each other is an important skill both in and out of the classroom. 

To further inspire students, I attempt to relate classroom material to examples of real world applications, and actively seek guest lecturers with practical experience in related topics when possible.

FSAD 2370: Structural Fabric Design

FSAD 1350: Fibers, Fabrics, & Finishes

FSAD 1360: Fiber & Yarn Analysis Lab

Han, H; Hirsch, K.; Hanrath, T.; Robinson, R.D.; (Buttaro) Shepherd, L.M., The Direct Electrospining and Manipulation of Magic-Sized Cluster Quantum Dots. ADV. ENG. MATER. 2021. (PEER REVIEWED ARTICLE) (Back Cover ADV. ENG. MATER. 2021)

Divvela, M; Shepherd, L.M; Frey, M.W.; Joo, Y.L. Discretized Modeling of Motionless Printing Based on Retarded Bending Motion and Deposition Control of Electrically Driven Jet. 3D PRINGTING AND ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING. 2018.

Shepherd, L.M.; Divvela, M.; Frey, M.W.; Joo, Y.L., Immersion Electrospinning as a New Method to Direct Fiber DepositionMACRO. MATER.  ENG. 2017.

Shepherd, L.M.; González, E; Chen, E.X.; Frey, M.W., Increasing the stability of biotin functionalized electrospun fibers for biosensor applications.ACS APP. MATER. INTERFACE. 2017. 

González, E.; (Buttaro) Shepherd, L.M.; Saunders, L.; Frey, M.W., Surface functional poly (lactic acid) electrospun nanofibers for biosensor applications. MATERIALS. 2016.


2017, Ph.D., Fiber Science & Apparel Design, Cornell University

2013, M.S., Fiber Science & Apparel Design, Cornell University

2011, B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Alfred University

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