Jamila Walida-Simon
Jamila Walida-Simon
NYS 4-H Civic Engagement Specialist
Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research

NYS 4-H Office



Jamila Walida Simon earned her Bachelor's Degree from Wells College and her Master's Degree from Cornell University. She began her career with Cornell University Cooperative Extension in New York City (CUCE-NYC) under the direction of Dr. Davis-Manigaulte the CUCE-NYC Family and Youth Development Program Leader. Jamila served as the CYFAR CITY Project Coordinator and worked to build capacity at Henry Street Settlement in lower Manhattan, and the Police Athletic League (PAL) in the Bedford-Stuyvestant section of Brooklyn.

After she completed her master's degree she joined the staff at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County where she served as the Program Manager of the 4-H Urban Outreach Program at West Village. In addition, in 2010, Jamila Walida joined the NYS 4-H team part-time and served as a Civic Engagement Coordinator and Communications Coordinator. 

In 2015, Jamila Walida joined the NYS 4-H team full-time and currently serves as the NYS 4-H Civic Engagement Specialist. in 2021, Jamila Walida joined the BCTR to serve as the Associate Director of Innovation in Youth Programs. She serves as a bridge and connector to community translating kitchen table conversations about community needs. 

HE 5060 102: BCTR Community Engaged Learning course

4-H Capital Days, Albany, NY 

New York Youth Institute, Ithaca, NY 

State Teen Action Representative Retreat, Syracuse, NY

National 4-H Conference, Chevy Chase, MD and Capitol Hill

Citizenship Washington Focus, Chevy Chase, MD

Leadership Washington Focus, Chevy Chase, MD

States' 4-H International Exchange (inbound from Japan), Various NYS locations 

Cornell University Summer College, Ithaca, NY 



 I Am My Child's First Teacher, Parent Leadership program co-sponsored by the Cornell Public Service Center

Ithaca Black Lives Matter chapter

Community Cafe Facilitator


BS, Wells College

MS, Cornell University

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