Jaleesa Reed
Jaleesa Reed
Assistant Research Professor
Human Centered Design

231 Human Ecology Building (HEB)



Dr. Jaleesa Reed is an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Human Centered Design. Her primary research interest is in millennial Black women’s beauty culture and beauty retail spaces. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on connecting human geography, feminist studies, and merchandising in the fashion, apparel, and textile industries.

Research interests

Black American beauty; millennial beauty culture; critical & feminist pedagogy; Filipino traditional and cultural dress; beauty retail spaces; experiential retailing

Reed, J., Covington, S., & Medvedev, K. (2022). Creating room for social justice pedagogy in fashion education. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal. (peer-reviewed).

Kopot, C., & Reed, J. (2022). Shopping for beauty: The influence of the pandemic on body appreciation, conceptions of beauty, and online shopping behavior. Journal of Global Fashion Marketing. (peer-reviewed).

Reed, J. & Medvedev, K. (2020). Beauty entrepreneur with a social conscience: Rihanna gets real with her power and influence. Ethical Glamour: Styling & Branding Persona. New York: WaterHill Publishing. (pp. 104-111). (peer-reviewed).

Kopot, C. & Reed, J. (2020). Evaluating Nordstrom’s success as an omnichannel retailer. Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases. Bloomsbury Publishing: Digital Resources. (peer-reviewed).

­Reed, J. (2019). Cosmetic counter connotations: Black millennial women and beauty. In K. Miller-Spillman & A. Reilly (Eds.), The Meanings of Dress, 4th edition. New York: Fairchild Books. (peer-reviewed).

­Reed, J. & Medvedev, K. (2018). The beauty divide: Black millennial women seek agency with Makeup Art Cosmetics. In A. Lynch & K. Medvedev (Eds.), Fashion, agency, and empowerment. London: Bloomsbury. (pp.11-27). (peer-reviewed).

Ph.D., Polymer, Fiber, and Textile Sciences; Emphasis in International Merchandising, University of Georgia

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