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Through my life and research experiences, I've become fascinated with the question: how do we tap into our full potential? Specifically, I investigate what I call "learning readiness", or the pre-stimulus neural features that predict learning success. I believe these clues will reveal the depths of an individual's potential to learn. And tracking the development of these features, as well as how they vary across individuals from diverse backgrounds, will provide valuable insights into how to maximize tapped potential in our educational systems, work environments, and personal lives. With research and management experience across all five kingdoms of life, in the public and private sectors, I have benefited from exposure to a wide diversity of research goals and techniques. With a number of years of experience using EEG, fMRI and psychophysiology research methods, I believe my graduate studies in Human Development leave me poised to pursue these research questions with fervor.


Gerulf RiegerBrian M. CashSarah M. MerrillJames Jones-RoundsSanjay Muralidharan DharmavaramRitch C. Savin-Williams. Sexual arousal: The correspondence of eyes and genitals. Biological Psychology. 2015; 104:56-64.

Posters and Published Conference Abstracts

Li X, Ljubojevic V, Jones-Rounds J, De Rosa E. Cholinergic implications in a cross-species investigation of cortical network dynamics in feature binding. Poster presented at: Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting; 2017 Nov 11-15; Washington, D.C.

Chick CF, Jones-Rounds JD, Hill AB, Sokale AO, Markello RD, Anderson AK. Interoceptive Accuracy Predicts Discrimination of Ambiguous Facial Expressions. Symposium presented at: 29th American Psychological Society Annual Convention; 2017 May 25-28; Boston, MA.

Chick CF, Reyna VF, Weldon RB, Corbin JC, Jones-Rounds J, Setton RA, Blansky D. Neural Mechanisms of Risky Choice Framing Effects Vary with Numeracy and Metacognition: A Fuzzy-Trace Theory Analysis. Poster presented at: Society for Neuroeconomics Annual Meeting; 2014 Sep 26-28; Miami, FL.

Athilingam J, Jones-Rounds J, Post DL, Ganzel BL, Belmonte MK. Temporo-parietal source localization and functional connections of the N250 emotion-related potential evoked by social and non-social stimuli. Poster presented at: 4th Biennial Resting State and Brain Connectivity Conference 2014; 2014 Sep 11-13; MIT, Cambridge, MA. Poster abstracts published in: Brain Connectivity. 2014, Vol. 4, Number 9.

Jones-Rounds JD, Raizada R. (2013).  Putting a low-cost, mobile EEG system through its paces with a walking auditory oddball task. Basic and Clinical Multimodal Imaging Conference, Geneva, Switzerland. Poster presented at: The International Conference on Basic and Clinical Multimodal Imaging (BaCI), a Joint Conference of the International Society for Neuroimaging in Psychiatry (ISNIP), the International Society for Functional Source Imaging (ISFSI), the International Society for Bioelectromagnetism (ISBEM), the International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography (ISBET), and the EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society (ECNS); 2013 Sep 5-8; Geneva, Switzerland. Abstracts of Presentations published in: Clin EEG Neurosci. 2013 Dec 24. 

Rounds JD, Jones BC, Chessler EJ, Beard JL, Fletcher S, Klebig ML. Hypomorphic mutations of the clathrin-assembly gene Picalm confer brain iron deficiency and behavioral abnormalities consistent with dopaminergic system defects. Poster presented at: 20th International Mammalian Genome Conference; 2006 Nov 11-15; Charleston, SC. 

I am the father of two amazing boys, a husband to an incredible partner, a musical contributor to a Grammy-nominated children's album ("Healthy Food for Thought: Good Enough to Eat" which raised funds for healthy school food programs), and a fierce advocate for youth empowerment (via the HOBY organization), for promoting STEM career opportunities for disadvantaged youth, and for improved regional sustainability efforts. I am a Master Composter (Cornell Cooperative Extension Class of '09), and currently President of the Fall Creek Elementary School PTA (2017-2019).

Pennsylvania State University, B.S. in Science, Minor in Neuroscience, 2006.
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