I-An Su
I-An Su
Ph.D. Student

G112, Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, 116 Reservoir Ave, Ithaca, NY 14853


I-An "Amy" Su is a fifth-year Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology with a concentration in Law, Psychology, and Human Development in the Department of Psychology (formerly Department of Human Development) at Cornell University. She is also on the track for a Ph.D. Minor in Statistics (Applied Statistics) and a Graduate Minor in Cognitive Science. 

She works in Professor Stephen J. Ceci's Child Witness & Cognition (CWC) Lab on a transnational study of children's eyewitness memory and suggestibility. Meanwhile, she also works with Professor Charles J. Brainerd on studies of adaptive memory (survival processing effect) and false memory. She is also currently working with Professor John H. Blume on a study of competency to be executed. Her research interests include but are not limited to child witness, child testimony, forensic interviewing, and other topics in psychology and law. 

She is currently pursuing basic and translational research in psychological science to better connect developmental and behavioral science research to outreach and extension in legal proceedings.

Before she came to Cornell, she worked as a licensed attorney-at-law in Taiwan, specializing in criminal defense litigations of capital cases with mentally-challenged defendants. She founded and is managing LegalChime Attorneys-at-Law. This Taiwan-based law firm focuses on consultancy services related to psychology-law issues.

Please see below for media coverage about I-An (Amy) and read her CV for her most updated information and publications.

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