Fran Kozen
Fran Kozen
Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Fiber Science & Apparel Design
Human Centered Design

275 Human Ecology Building (HEB)



Fran Kozen is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Fiber Science & Apparel Design.  Ms. Kozen has taught numerous textile and fashion management courses, including: Fibers, Fabrics and Finishes, Fabric Structures, Product Quality Assessment, Textiles, Apparel & Innovation, Fashion Product Management, and Global Fashion Management. Ms. Kozen organizes and leads an annual study tour to New York to provide opportunity for FSAD students to observe first-hand functions within the fashion industry and to network with alumni.  She has been a faculty leader for several fashion supply chain study experiences in India and China for FSAD student, as well. Ms. Kozen also functions as the FSAD Extension Leader, responding to apparel and textile questions from the public and offering programs for youth career explorations. 

I have restructured FSAD 3320 Product Quality Assessment to integrate lecture and lab, enabling more hands-on and group work.  I am trying to align content closely with current industry practice and with positions our students might hold in future. 

As Director of Undergraduate Studies, I advise not only my own assigned advisees, but also FSAD students with questions concerning curriculum and course offering, curriculum waivers,  credit loads, independent study, study abroad, internship credit, internship and job search contacts, potential Fiber Science of Fashion Studies minors, and potential undergraduate applicants.  

FSAD 3320: Product Quality Assessment

FSAD 4440: Global Fashion Management

FSAD 2310: Apparel Production and Management

FSAD 3200: Global Textile and Apparel Sustainability

FSAD 1111: Success in FSAD

FSAD 2370: Structural Fabric Design

FSAD 1350; FSAD 1360: Fibers, Fabrics, and Finishes

FSAD 4660: Apparel, Textiles, and Innovation

TXA 238: Textiles for Interiors

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I facilitiate communications and collaborations among industry, alumni, and faculty and students by cultivating contacts, responding to information requests, arranging and hosting visits, and connecting faculty or students with shared interests. I also offer youth outreach programs as requested, such as 4-H Career Explorations program.



Director of Undergraduate Studies, FSAD

College Extension Leader , FSAD

1972, B.S., Design & Environmental Analysis, Cornell

1977, M.S., Design & Environmental Analysis, Cornell

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