David Pelletier
David Pelletier
Professor Emeritus
Division of Nutritional Sciences


My interests relate to the formulation, implementation and evaluation of nutrition policy, primarily in low and middle income countries.  My approach to this work has been from a transdisciplinary, engaged and problem-oriented perspective, in which the key research questions and choice of methods emerges in the course of engaging with policy and program actors at global, national or sub-national levels.  This approach is guided by robust theoretical frameworks and ensures that the research is responsive to real-world concerns and more likely to be understood, valued and used by those responsible for policies and programs.

Improved methods for nutrition policy analysis and development; mainstreamed nutrition in Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Vietnam and Bangladesh; policy commitment to address the dual-burden of malnutrition in Nigeria; development and testing of a micronutrient program assessment tool; evaluation and strengthening of the World Vision mobile clinic program in Haiti; exploring the potential for knowledge brokers to enhance policy implementation in complex adaptive stakeholder systems in Burkina Faso, Mali, Ethiopia and Uganda; a project to strengthen the theory and practice of nutrition policy advocacy in seven SE Asian countries as well as Ethiopia and Burkina Faso; and an implementation science initiative in Kenya and Uganda to strengthen the implementation of large-scale anemia control programs and document the practice of implementation science in real-life settings.

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1984, PhD, Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University

1979, MA, Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University

1977, BA, Anthropology, University of Arizona

1977, BS, Biology, University of Arizona

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