Catherine Blumenkamp
Human Centered Design


I am interested in the aesthetic, cultural, and collective meanings of design. My creative practice and scholarship is grounded in sustainable design and material culture.  Making is knowing. As a lecturer I have the opportunity to emulate the teachers I have admired most throughout my education — those who are both knowledgeable instructors and skilled practitioners. In my design practice I am inspired by unique textiles made from natural fibers. I work within the confines of each fabric’s original dimensions and surface design to create singular and aesthetically pleasing garments, yielding ‘zero-waste.’

Ongoing creative scholarship through design practice, collaboration, and travel.

I approach teaching from a design thinking mindset. I engage with students empathetically and aspire to foster collaborative learning environments that do not ignore barriers to education but highlight individual contributions drawn from internal strengths, talents, and commitments to creativity and study.

FSAD 2190: Fashion, Aesthetics and Soceity

FSAD 2640: Fashion Draping

Studio Practice, Designer.  Freelance design; bespoke apparel design, draping, pattern cutting, and construction; studio workshops and onsite demonstrations; design consulting and project management; vernacular design-build projects.

JBI Scientific Services, LLC, Controller.  Co-owner and lead of accounting operations, including the production of periodic financial reports and maintenance of an adequate records system.



Johnson Museum of Art, Docent.  Volunteer studio and gallery teaching for OMNI (Objects and their Makers: New Insights), a social studies and art curriculum based program organized in collaboration with area schools.

Textile Society of America, Member and Digital Content Cooridinator:  Volunteer record keeping and organizing for digital content repository and member news submissions.


2017, Project Leadership Certificate, Cornell University

2015, Master of Professional Studies in Human Ecology , Apparel Design, Cornell University

2001, Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, Columbia University

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