FSAD3990 (Smart Clothing Design and Programming) End of Semester Exhibition

Smart Clothing poster

The exhibition will be held in the Jill Stuart Gallery in the Human Ecology Building on December 9 & 10.  It will showcase 26 students’ work on 1) sound responsive surface design, and 2) interactive wearable interface in FSAD3990 this semester. This semester, FSAD3990 had 12 students from HCD and 14 students from computer science, and Information science, which was a great mix of design and non-design students. All students’ projects (stand-alone systems) were designed, programmed and prototyped by students.

Some projects are sound-responsive so I encourage you to create sound (e.g. playing your favorite music using your cellphone, or clapping, or speaking) near the projects. Some projects are motion activated/responsive, some are color responsive, and some are gloves that respond to touch or sound.