Discipline is Not a Dirty Word (DINADW) is a user-friendly workshop series for parents, designed to address age-appropriate discipline for children and anger management skills for parents. The curriculum is widely used throughout the Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) system.

I think that if we imagine CCE Parent Education as a room, DINADW is the "wallpaper on the walls and ceiling" for all programs that take place there. I feel it is "always with us" as the base for much of our other parent teaching. In our county, I have also relied on the DINADW program as a training tool for new parent educators. I want to be sure they have these concepts/principles under their belts before they go out on their own. I have new staff go with and "shadow" experienced educators who are facilitating DINADW parent groups to learn the principles in a "real" parent workshop context. Because truly ANYTHING can (and does) come up during parent discussions at DINADW workshops, it gives new educators a sense of how much they will need to be prepared to "think on their feet.

Nancy Olsen-Harbich
Suffolk County

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