CCE in Suffolk County has been facilitating the DINADW program for over twenty years. This user-friendly curriculum is a four part workshop series for parents, designed to address age-appropriate discipline for children and anger management skills for parents. Suffolk County delivers 6 workshops a year, working with groups of around 20 participants at a time. It has been and remains their most requested program (note that they also offer over a dozen different parent workshops a year, in addition to DINADW). Community organizations such as schools, libraries, and child care centers frequently request the program; and Suffolk CCE sponsors at least one series to reach parents who don't live in a community where an organization has sponsored the DINADW series.

I think that if we imagine CCE Parent Education as a room, DINADW is the "wallpaper on the walls and ceiling" for all programs that take place there. I feel it is "always with us" as the base for much of our other parent teaching. In our county, I have also relied on the DINADW program as a training tool for new parent educators. I want to be sure they have these concepts/principles under their belts before they go out on their own. I have new staff go with and "shadow" experienced educators who are facilitating DINADW parent groups to learn the principles in a "real" parent workshop context. Because truly ANYTHING can (and does) come up during parent discussions at DINADW workshops, it gives new educators a sense of how much they will need to be prepared to "think on their feet.

Nancy Olsen-Harbich
Suffolk County

DINADW is widely used throughout the CCE system. Suffolk County CCE has trained more than 150 CCE educators in how to facilitate this program in their own counties. Results from a statewide survey of CCE Parent Educators in Fall 2004 (conducted by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University) show that 52% of survey respondents (N=26) are involved with the DINADW curriculum in the course of their work, making it the most frequently-used program in the state.

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