Jameson Crandell ’22

young man smiling

Jameson Crandell ’22 looks back fondly at one of the first classes he took, as it laid the groundwork for his next step.

“My favorite class at Cornell was Introduction to Public Health,” Crandell said. “When I took this course as a freshman, I felt as though it was really the start of my journey at Cornell and laid the foundation for my public health studies.”

That foundation now leads Crandell to Yale, where he will pursue his Ph.D. in microbiology.

Crandell was captain of the men’s swim and dive team, was a 2022 NCAA zone diving finalist and was the team’s MVP. Named one of Cornell’s top 25 outstanding senior athletes, he also was a member of the 400 Club, which recognizes athletes who have achieved a 4.0 GPA in consecutive semesters.

Crandall, from Frisco, Texas, said he will sincerely miss the global and public health sciences cohort, adding that he had never met “such an amazing and diverse group of individuals” who share a similar passion for public health.

“Throughout the past four years and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve drawn closer to so many amazing people in this cohort who have invested so much of their personal time and energy into me, which has made my time at Cornell possible as well as memorable,” Crandell said. “I’m forever grateful for the friends I made and the time we spent studying global health together. I can’t wait to see where their passions take them!”