As you consider the College of Human Ecology, we hope the following will help you reflect on your interests, the educational environment that appeals to you, and who you are as a person and a scholar. 

Outwardly focused. Internally motivated. 

College of Human Ecology students are active learners who connect their interests, education, experiences, and aspirations to the greater context of communities through their education, research, and engagement. Our students value analytical and critical thinking, creative-problem solving, and the ability to employ multiple perspectives. 

Do you...

  • have a deep interest in the world around you and hope to better understand your place in it;
  • want to use your education to impact people's lives; 
  • want to make a meaningful contribution through work you value? 

Are you...

  • looking for an education where interests are informed by a sense of purpose;
  • ready to consider the questions that shape our everyday circumstances; 
  • interested in taking initiative and finding creative ways to get things done effectively and efficiently? 

We hope you see the possibilities of a Human Ecology experience. Here are some next steps. 

  • Prepare your educational foundation by pursuing challenging courses, especially in math and sciences throughout your high school career. Review admissions requirements and our application tips for more information.
  • Find extracurricular, volunteer, and work opportunities that offer fulfillment, help you explore possibilities, and test your interests.
  • Impact your community through engaged leadership and meaningful service.
  • Choose how you spend your time with a sense of balance.
  • Get to know us through our viewbook* and fact sheets. 
  • Spend time taking a virtual visit.
  • Connect with a Human Ecology Ambassador with questions about student life.
  • Email us if you have questions for our Admissions Staff.
*Download the College of Human Ecology Viewbook version that is Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. PDF is 45MB in size.