Welcome to the Soloway Lab at Cornell University where we study epigenetic phenomena in mammals. The term epigenetics is attributed to Conrad Hal Waddington, who used it in the early 1950's to describe environmentally induced, nongenetic changes in traits. The "epi" prefix emphasizes that mechanisms exist that can influence traits which are distinct from genetic mechanisms. Because epigenetic phenomena are reversible at a much higher rate than genetic mutations, they may play a special role in evolutionary processes.

At the molecular level, epigenetics refers to methylation of cytosines in DNA, at least six modifications placed at many positions at the N-termini of histones, and an emerging class of processes influenced by non-coding RNAs. Proper control of these modifications and regulatory mechanisms is essential for the most fundamental biological processes including gene expression, DNA repair and DNA recombination. When normal epigenetic control is lost, disease can arise. This has been best characterized in cancers, many of which develop and progress in part because of failed epigenetic control. Epigenetic status of our genome is influenced by environmental variables, including nutrients in our diets.

The fundamental focus of our lab is to understand how it is that epigenetic states are controlled. We also seek to develop novel experimental tools that will augment the discovery process.

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Here is a copy of Paul Soloway's CV.

Paul Soloway
Cornell University
211 Weill Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

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Current Members

Dr. Byung-Ryool Hyun, Research Associate
Dr. John McElwee, Post Doc
Jim Putnam, Lab Manager
Dr. Erin Chu, DVM / PhD Graduate Student
Roman Spektor, Genomics & Development Graduate Student
David Taylor, Genetics, Genomics & Development Graduate Student
Angelica Cullo, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Jessie Huang, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Doctoral, Post Doctoral, Visiting Scientist Alumni

Dr. Nadia Drake
Dr. Jonathan Flax
Dr. Ying Gao
Dr. Carlos Guerrero
Dr. James Hagarman
Dr. Herry Herman
Dr. Rebecca Holmes
Dr. Krista Kauppinen
Dr. Marie Lee
Dr. Anders Lindroth
Dr. Chelsea McLean
Dr. Yoon Jung Park
Dr. Zhiping Wang
Dr. Bongjune Yoon
Dr. Ruqian Zhao

Masters Alumni

Keith Osiewicz
Dr. Calphor Carty
Michael Lu
Dr. Megan Eaton Gervasi
Aimee Sikora Stablewski

Undergraduate Research Assistant Alumni

Dr. Adebusola Alagbala
Dr. Jenna Bernstein
David Chiu
Dr. Gregoriy Dokshin
Dr. Maxine Fields
Laura Kerepesi
Oliver Gregory
Crystal Han
Benjamin Hu
Sabrina Imam
Amy Jobe
ChanYang Ju
Dr. Neha Kumar
Joshua Mervis
Dr. Jessica Piel
Dr. Aditya Shirali
Dariana Soto-Reyes
Kingsley Weaver
Dr. Jerry Wei
Liana Wong
Warren Wu

If you are interested in post-doctoral studies, or are a Cornell graduate or undergraduate student seeking research opportunities, please contact me: soloway@cornell.edu

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