Chromatin in the nucleus of cells consists of the DNA, and proteins intimately associated with the DNA. The proteins are primarily histones that are assembled into nucleosomes.  Both the DNA and histones are chemically modified, and nucleosome positioning is highly regulated. Collectively, these modifications, and nucleosome location define the chromatin state of a cell.  Chromatin states are fundamentally important to cell identity, and their gene expression patterns. Those states change with different environmental conditions, during aging, and with disease; and they affect overall cellular, tissue, and organismal traits. How these changes occur, and influence health is of major interest to the lab.

Methods for querying chromatin state are rapidly changing, and include single cell analyses, which enable parallel measurements in large numbers of individual cells.  Single cell methods provide very different information than ensemble methods that use populations of cells collected from tissues. They are particularly useful for complex tissues, like brain, where changes in chromatin state, or abundances of a subset of cells, are important for complex phenotypes. These changes in state or abundance can escape detection when ensemble assays are used, but can be captured by single cell analyses.

The lab is applying single cell methods to brains and other tissues to characterize mouse models whose genetic or nutritional manipulations impart phenotypes relevant to human health and disease; we also apply them to human disease specimens. Our goal is to understand better the cellular and genomic changes, and ultimately the mechanisms, underlying physiologically important traits. 

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Paul Soloway
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