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Meet our 2020 - 2021 Dietetic Interns

adam apsley

Adam Apsley: Wilmington, Delaware | BS: University of Delaware | Community Nutrition Rotation: Food Bank of Central NY | Clinical and Management Rotations: University of Rochester Medical Center

Adam appreciates the variety of experiences available to new professionals entering the field of nutrition and dietetics and is ready to take on whatever passion crosses his path. However, his current interests stem from the clinical world, specifically; bariatrics, pediatrics and critical care nutrition. The majority of his experience in dietetics comes from his time volunteering alongside a bariatric dietitian in his home state of Delaware. Through this opportunity, Adam has been able to build a strong foundation of nutrition counseling skills, as well as a stern confidence when it comes to providing nutrition education to a varying audience.

Adam is no stranger when it comes to nutrition research and has spent the past two years working at the University of Delaware’s Center for Research in Education and Social Policy, focusing on projects related to food policy. Initially acting as a Spanish translator administering NIH dietary screeners, he has since played a role in projects analyzing beverages included with kid’s meals; or others such as measuring skin carotenoids as an indicator of vegetable intake in underserved populations. Nutrition became a great focus in Adam’s life later on in his college career after losing over 120 lbs. pushing him to make the association between the balance of food and health.

Besides nutrition, his other hobbies include playing disc golf with friends, backpacking on the Appalachian trail, and attempting to fix vintage electronics.

jesse brinkman

Jesse Brinkman, Chelsea, Vermont | BS: University of Vermont | Community Nutrition Rotation: Food Net Meals on Wheels – Summer and Food & Nutrition Education – Fall | Clinical and Management Rotations: University of Rochester Medical Center

Jesse was born and raised in Vermont. As an undergraduate, she attended the University of Vermont where she obtained a B.S. in Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Science. During her time at UVM Jesse worked as a research assistant investigating the metabolic consequences of food insecurity among low-income Vermont families. Simultaneously, in her role as a Nutrition Care Representative at the UVM Medical Center, she worked in concert with physicians to provide appropriate nourishment and nutrition education to patients. These experiences solidified her career goal of working as a dietitian.

During her sophomore and senior years, she was selected to serve as a teaching assistant for two dietetics courses. In this leadership and mentoring role, she discovered another passion; sharing her passion for dietetics with others. Concurrently, her undergraduate course work inspired her interest in the intersection of maternal nutrition, prenatal development and neonatal outcomes. Jesse’s academic efforts did not go unnoticed; she received the VAND 2019 Outstanding Dietetics Student Award and the UVM Nutrition and Food Sciences Faculty Award.

Pursuing both of her passions, Jesse is currently enrolled in the PhD-RD program at Cornell where she is thrilled to be a part of the Strupp Lab. In her doctoral studies, Jesse is investigating the role of prenatal choline supplementation on cognitive outcomes in infants and she hopes to discover nutrition interventions aimed at optimizing health outcomes for premature neonates. Her long-term career goals include working as a NICU dietitian and sharing her passion with others as a clinical dietetics instructor.

allison chang

Allison Hanshin Chang, Houston, Texas | BS: Cornell University | Community Nutrition Rotation: Rural Health Network of SCNY | Clinical and Management Rotations: University of Rochester Medical Center

Allison Chang was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University where she was involved with research in molecular biology. Her fascination with the roles and benefits of food in health ultimately lead her down the path of dietetics. Allison aspires to work as a clinical dietitian at a research hospital and conduct her own research alongside practice. She hopes to work with patients to emphasize healthy eating plans and lifestyle changes as a sustainable way of ensuring good health. Allison has experience with nutrition and wellness education from working with the Cornell Dining dietitian and with a dietitian-directed corporate wellness project. Allison also designed consumer-facing infographics and educational materials and gained experience writing nutrition articles while interning for the Houston Family Nutrition private practice. One of her most ambitious projects was planning and managing a campus-wide free-food event with the Cornell undergraduate Taiwanese culture organization. For four consecutive years, her organization put on the largest free-food event on campus, reaching up to 800 attendees each time!

Beyond nutrition, Allison is interested in learning web design. In her free time, she likes to dance, learning new choreography from either her favorite YouTube channels or her other dance friends. Eating and seeking out good food, however, is still Allison’s favorite hobby. She is always excited to try new recipes with a cooking buddy.

taylor horton

Taylor Horton; Candor, New York | BS: University of New Hampshire | Community Nutrition Rotation: Wayne County CCE | Clinical and Management Rotations: University of Rochester Medical Center

Taylor graduated from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) in May 2020 with a degree in Nutrition: Dietetics. She has an interest in both community and clinical nutrition. Within these practice settings, Taylor is interested in working with individuals with limited resources, including low-income and rural populations. She wants to work to ensure adequate food access and nutrition care for these populations. Taylor completed a clinical rotation at Huggins Hospital, a critical access hospital in Wolfeboro, NH, where she expanded her knowledge of inpatient, acute care under the supervision of a registered dietitian. Taylor was a research assistant for the College Health and Nutrition Assessment Survey (CHANAS) Project at UNH. Throughout this experience, she collaborated with faculty and students to collect data for an on-going study to assess health status among college students. Taylor has experience educating individuals on a variety of nutrition topics through both formal presentations and informal on- campus events. While at UNH, Taylor volunteered at the Waysmeet Center where she helped cook monthly dinners for students and community members. She also volunteered at the Fueling Station in the UNH Field House where she helped guide university athletes to choose appropriate pre-workout and post-workout snacks to optimize performance and recovery.

In her free time, Taylor enjoys hiking and biking. She also enjoys cooking and sharing meals with friends and family.

rachel nelson

Rachel Nelson; Wellesley, Massachusetts | BS: University of Vermont | Community Nutrition Rotation: Broome-Delaware-Tioga BOCES | Clinical and Management Rotations: University of Rochester Medical Center

Rachel Nelson graduated in the spring of 2020 from the University of Vermont with a B.S. in Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Sciences and a minor in Psychology. During her undergraduate experience Rachel’s favorite classes included nutritional biochemistry and community nutrition as well as the handful of philosophy and psychology classes she took. Throughout her time as an undergrad Rachel gained a wide range of experiences in the dietetics field. She especially enjoyed her time as a research assistant on a study that investigated cooking as a health behavior, working as a teaching assistant for an introductory nutrition class, and working on an organic farm.

What draws Rachel to these areas of dietetics is the interpersonal interaction as well as the opportunities to help and teach others. She looks forward to pursuing a career in dietetics that involves education, research, and public policy but is also excited to continue to explore new opportunities in the dietetics field.

Rachel enjoys cooking (NYTimes Cooking is one of her most used cooking apps), yoga, walking, and any other activity that takes her outside. When coronavirus ends Rachel is most looking forward to being with her friends again and meeting other people. She is interested in joining an intermural ultimate frisbee team and joining a philosophy club.

madelyn olson

Madelyn Olson; Ithaca, New York | BS: University of Vermont | Community Nutrition Rotation: Seneca County CCE | Clinical and Management Rotations: University of Rochester Medical Center

Madelyn is originally from upstate New York. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Vermont, College of Agriculture and Life Science and holds a B.S. in Dietetics, Nutrition, and Food Science.

Madelyn is interested in the pediatric population with a focus in research pertaining to the pediatric gut microbiome and further understanding of its influence on the immune system. She hopes to work as a Clinical Pediatric Dietitian in addition to conducting research. Madelyn has served as a student research assistant at the University of Vermont in the Nutrition Department.

In addition to her dietetics degree, Madelyn is a Certified Personal Trainer accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She enjoys the integration of fitness and nutrition, and she loves to share this knowledge with others.

leslie sawyer

Leslie Sawyer; Broadalbin, New York | BS: SUNY Oneonta | Community Nutrition Rotation: Onondaga County Office of Aging | Clinical and Management Rotations: University of Rochester Medical Center

Leslie graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics with a double minor in chemistry and theatre, and received the Human Ecology Academic Achievement Award. Her sophomore year, Leslie traveled to Ghana with a team of five to create and instruct a lesson on diet diversity to over 120 rural Ghanaian students. She toured multiple hospitals, shadowed various dietitians, and took cultural nutrition courses at the Accra College of Education. This sparked her interest in cultural nutrition and inspired her to pursue a career in Nutrition Policy with special interest in the World Health Organization. Professionally, Leslie has worked in the diet office at Ellis Hospital for four years, worked in a clinical commercial kitchen, served as Schenectady Green Market’s Nutrition Educator, and is currently working as a clerical and administrative assistant to Ellis’s outpatient and elder care dietitians. Leslie has a deep interest in the scientific process and method; she has completed three separate semesters of lab-based research. Leslie definitely prefers to have a busy schedule, having participated in seven clubs and served on three E-Boards in her undergraduate career. Leslie is very excited to begin Cornell’s dietetic internship and to become the most developed professional possible.

In her personal time Leslie participates in theatre. This past spring, she performed at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in SUNY Oneonta’s production of The Wolves, written by Sarah DeLappe. At the national level, the production was awarded best production, best ensemble, and best direction.

taylor stanton

Taylor Stanton; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | BS: Drexel University | Community Nutrition Rotation: Syracuse City School District | Clinical and Management Rotations: University of Rochester Medical Center

Taylor decided to move to Philadelphia on a whim in 2014 after growing up in Portland, Oregon. She lived and worked with adults with developmental disabilities via AmeriCorps for 1.5 years followed by a stint working as a pastry cook (her childhood dream!) in a French restaurant. Piping macarons, plating desserts, and stuffing eclairs with pastry cream filled her days until she decided to go back to school in 2017.

While at Drexel University, Taylor had opportunities to work in sports nutrition with Philly’s hockey team, the Flyers, attend a public policy advocacy weekend with AND in Washington, D.C., and work with moms in the WIC program doing obesity research at Temple University. She’s loved each of these experiences and feels fortunate to have had strong female mentors with each role.

Aside from school and work, Taylor loves wandering around the different Philly neighborhoods for ramen, doughnuts, and a good egg and cheese on a bagel. She’s also probably walking dogs (bulldogs are her favorite), browsing record stores, or seeing live music!

siwei zhu

Siwei Zhu; State College, Pennsylvania | BS: The Pennsylvania State University | Community Nutrition Rotation: FoodNet Meals on Wheels | Clinical and Management Rotations: University of Rochester Medical Center

Siwei Zhu, who also goes by Stella, has a great interest in nutrition, dietetics, and epidemiology research. She is the first author of an original research article titled “Habitually skipping breakfast was associated with chronic inflammation: a cross-sectional study”. This article was accepted by the journal Public Health Nutrition for publication on April, 2020. She has also presented her undergraduate research studies in poster form at the ASN’s annual nutrition conferences: Nutrition 2019 and Nutrition 2020.

Siwei had a nutrition and dietetic field experience at Penn State Health - Hershey Medical Center last summer as a clinical nutrition student. From this experience, she obtained a great overall understanding on the prospective and expectation of a dietitian. As a future dietitian, she hopes to specialize in pediatric nutrition, gestational nutrition, and disease management and preventive nutrition, especially cardiovascular disease preventive nutrition.

Siwei was the recipient of the Penn State Alumni Recognition for Student Excellence Award, an award presented to one graduating senior for his/her outstanding performance and achievement within the major. As an honor student of Penn State, Siwei graduated with distinction and represented the top 4% students of the College of Health and Human Development at Penn State

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